How to Get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

Legend Tokens are just one of four Apex Legends currencies that players will encounter in the game. While other currencies are a little harder to obtain, obtaining more Legend Tokens is relatively simple. As long as you play the game often, you should have no problem racking up more than enough Legend Tokens for everything you need.

Here's what you need to know to get more Legend Tokens in Apex Legends and what you can do with them.

How to Get Legend Tokens Fast in Apex Legends

There's no quick way to get a massive amount of Legend Tokens when you're a new player. The only option for all players to get legend tokens is to gain enough experience (EXP) and upgrade their Apex account.

At first, the experience required for leveling starts slowly but increases to level 58 and stays there until the max level (500). However, the level cap only prohibits you from getting more Apex Packs through leveling up. After reaching level 500, gaining enough experience to level up will provide more legend tokens.

Every time you level up (or gain a virtual level past the cap), you get 600 Legend Tokens. There are no other ways to get this currency in-game, and you can't even buy it with real money.

The experience you earn in a match depends on several factors, which greatly influence how quickly you can level up and earn Legend Tokens. Here are all the experience gains possible in a single match and the boosts you can acquire:

  • Winning a match gives you a huge experience (EXP) boost, and landing in the top five teams in the game gives you a small EXP boost.
  • This EXP gain can be further increased by purchasing the current Season's Battle Pass. Each season, players can get up to 300% more EXP by winning or being in the top five teams.
  • Kills and damage also play an important role in getting more EXP. Players who can consistently hit high damage numbers can get more EXP this way than almost any other.
  • Kill leaders (players with the highest number of kills) also get a small amount of EXP. If you happen to lose this title during the match, you keep this EXP.
  • The first kill of the day grants a massive EXP boost, so at least go for it if you don't have much time during the day.
  • Revive and respawn teammates provide a small EXP boost. This boost isn't particularly noteworthy since you ideally don't want to find yourself in the situation of your teammates respawning in the first place.
  • Killing match champions gives a significant EXP boost, especially since each member of the champion team has the bonus EXP.
  • Likewise, you get a decent amount of EXP if you are the champion before the match.
  • The final, and probably most reliable, way to get a big chunk of EXP from every match is to simply survive. You get more EXP for every second of life, as a survival bonus.
  • Survival bonus is increased by 5% for each party member you have before the match. This means you can get 10% more passive experience when playing in a party with two friends.

Your XP gain will be displayed prominently after each match, along with full breakdowns by categories mentioned above. This way you can track what gives you the most EXP during a match and strategize how to improve your game plan.

One of the easiest, though probably most annoying, ways to get EXP is to use the Survival Bonus and stay alive as long as possible in a match, avoiding combat unless necessary. However, this EXP gain is negligible compared to the possibility of getting multiple kills. Overall, aggressive gameplay and kill-focused blueprints will likely yield more XP in the long run.

That said, you really shouldn't worry about getting EXP if you just need more Legend Tokens. Regular play will usually be more than enough to rack up chips faster than more stuff comes out to spend them.

How to Check Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

Unlike Apex Coins and Crafting Metals, your current amount of Legend Tokens is not visible on screen at all times. However, viewing your current Legend Token balance is quite simple.

All you need to do is hover over the currency number in the upper right corner, the one showing how many Apex Coins (yellow) and Crafting Metal (blue currency) you have. A pop-up display will show a breakdown of how much of each currency you own, minus Heirloom Shards, which is a somewhat different category of valuables.

How to Use Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

Since Legend Tokens are in theoretically infinite supply, there are also ways to spend these Tokens pretty much indefinitely.

Buy legends

The primary way most players learn about Legend Tokens is by using them to unlock more playable Legends. With the character roster constantly changing over the seasons (about three months), new players need more Legend Tokens to unlock all the Legends they want to play.

Each Legend costs 12 Legend Tokens, except for those that every player starts with for free (Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Bangalore).

The primary way to purchase new Legends is directly through the Legend menu:

  1. Select the "Legends" tab in the top bar.
  2. Right-click on a caption that you haven't unlocked.
  3. Select the currency you want to use (preferably legend tokens).
  4. Confirm your choice.

Alternatively, you can go through the "Store" menu in the top bar, then select the "Legends" tab on the right. This way you can see which legends you can buy.

Reroll Daily Challenges

Legend Tokens are also useful for completing your current season's Battle Pass a little faster or easier. While they don't offer a direct boost, you can re-roll your Daily Challenges by paying Legend Tokens.

The first raise of the day is always free, the second costs 200 chips, the third costs 500, and all subsequent ones will cost you 1 chips. When rerolling, you can choose game mode challenges (Arenas or Battle Royale) and receive a challenge exclusively for that game mode (or one that counts all game modes).

To restart a challenge, click on it. The UI will show a rotating arrow circle to indicate a raise. You just have to confirm your choice and you will receive a new challenge. Re-running a challenge resets its progress. You cannot re-roll a challenge you have completed for extra stars for a day.

All rerolls and reroll costs are refreshed as players receive new daily challenges. Weekly challenges or event-specific challenges cannot be re-rolled.

Featured recolorations

The final way players can spend their hard-earned Legend Tokens is in the “Featured” section of the store. This store only contains recolors of existing skins, and these recolors cannot be obtained in any other way.

To purchase a recolor, you must own the original skin, which will usually be Legendary quality or, in rarer cases, Epic quality.

Recolors cost 6 or 500 Legend Tokens, depending on the store's offerings.

To view currently available recolors, select the "Store" tab in the top bar. You should immediately land on the “Featured” tab, or you can click on it to view the featured store.

Always something new to buy in Apex Legends

Thanks to the plentiful supply, you can pretty much use Legend Tokens however you want. For starters, we recommend purchasing Legends to give you more in-game options. After that, you can re-roll challenges or purchase recolors as you wish.

What do you spend your legend tokens on first? Let us know in the comment section below.

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