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Master Seals are a staple promotional item in many Fire Emblem titles, allowing characters to promote regardless of class (with some restrictions). In the title "Three Houses", the object has been reworked according to the revamp and general changes to the class. Since they are so useful, they are a little harder to get than other items in the game and can be a challenge for new players.

We are here to tell you all the ways to get Master Seals in various Fire Emblem games.

What are Master Seals?

Originally designed for "Fire Emblem: Thracia 776", but never used in-game or programmed to have functions, Master Sigils have been in widespread use since "The Sacred Stones". In most iterations, a Master Seal allows players to upgrade their base classes into more powerful versions.

Some classes are exempt from this effect, such as the Lord class. In some games, this is the only way to change character class. In others, it's a more efficient method of changing classes due to a lack of class restrictions or level requirements.

In most Fire Emblem titles, players can use a Master Seal to promote their character's class to level 10 or higher. In "Path of Radiance" and "Radiant Dawn", they can promote the character before introducing automatic upgrades at level 20. This will give the character lower stats in the long run, but can be beneficial when players have need a unit quickly without investing time. and resources to level them up further. Promotion to level 20 via the Master Seal in these games will also save one level of experience.

With "Fire Emblem: Three Houses," the class system has been overhauled, and seals are now just one of the requirements in the lengthy class change process that includes taking certification exams at level 30.

In "Fire Emblem: Warriors", Sigils are required for promotion as they are the only item used to craft Surge Crests to perform Class Changes. In this title, characters must be level 15 to begin the class change process.

How to Get Master Seals in Fire Emblem

Due to the differences between each title since their initial introduction, Master Sigils have become valuable and in-demand items. Depending on the game you're playing, getting a single seal can be considered an achievement. However, finding the right supplier to buy an unlimited supply from others is just a matter of finding the right supplier.

How to Get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Awakening

While older Fire Emblem titles have elusive Master Sigils and a limit to how many you can get, "Awakening" has made them widely available in the later stages of the game through in-game vendors.

The first opportunity to get a Master Seal is to visit the leftmost village in Chapter 8. This will grant you a free Master Seal to use on a single unit. Another free drop arrives in a chest in Chapter 17. They also become rare drops after Chapter 10:

  • Enemy Thief in Chapter 10
  • Enemy Hero in Chapter 11
  • Enemy Paladin in Chapter 12
  • Enemy Ignatius in Chapter 14
  • Enemy Farber in Chapter 15
  • Sniper and Thief in Chapter 16
  • Jamil in Paralogue 6
  • Xalbador in Paralogue 7
  • Nombry in Paralogue 14
  • Bow Knight dans Paralogue 15

If you have access to Reeking Boxes, you can farm past chapters to get the gold needed to purchase them. Stink Boxes will attract enemies that may have Master Seals in their loot. This method may take some time, but it will net you a significant amount of gold and miscellaneous items. Gold loot from Reeking Boxes is usually worth 500 gold above their cost.

When you manage to beat Chapter 12, Master Seals can be purchased from vendors and armories around the map, and there's no limit to how many you can purchase. This allows players to effectively promote each of their upgradable characters, provided they spend enough resources to purchase Master Seals.

How to Get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Fates

"Fire Emblem: Fates" retained the system introduced in "Awakening", giving players the option of obtaining a Master Seal for each character.

The game introduces Master Seals pretty early on, providing the first drop in Chapter 9 of "Birthright." It is available in drop in some chapters:

  • Zola in Chapter 9
  • Kinshi Knight in Chapter 11
  • Village Treasure in Chapter 13
  • Two pieces by Wolfssegner in chapter 15
  • Sorcerer in Chapter 17
  • Merchant and Mechanic in Chapter 19
  • Two Pieces of Faceless in Chapter 20
  • Two Pieces of Stoneborn in Chapter 21
  • Sorcerer in chapter 23 in normal mode

It is also available as a drop in the “Conquest” campaign:

  • Village treasure in chapters 10, 13, 17 and 18
  • Sorcerer in Chapter 16
  • Merchant in Invasion 2

Master Seals can also be found in the “Apocalypse” campaign:

  • Zola in Chapter 10
  • Village treasure in chapters 11, 14, 20 and 21
  • Fighter in Chapter 11
  • Berserker in Chapter 12
  • Rewarded for pursuing stealth option in Chapter 24

In all campaigns, master seals can be purchased for 2 gold in the "My Castle" store. At level 000, you can only buy two seals. At level 1 of the shop, the limit increases to seven, and at level 2, you no longer have a purchase limit. Master Seals can also be obtained from the "Lottery Shop" randomly launched in the castle.

How to Get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Due to the overhaul of the class system in "Three Houses", Master Sigils have a similar use, allowing them to improve classes, but the process has become more complex. There are several ways to get the item in the game.

Rogue class characters can perform the Steal in Battle special action to obtain non-combat related items, including Master Seals. You can steal master seals from these characters:

  • Lysithea or Gremory in chapter 14
  • Ashe and an enemy archer in Chapter 15
  • Ferdinand, Lorenz and the Paladin in Chapter 16
  • Edelgard, Claude and Dimitri in chapter 17

Players also get their first Master Seal for free simply by leveling a character to level 30.

Master Seals are also potential rewards for tournaments in this game. Players can obtain two in Azure Moon (Chapters 20 and 21), three in Silver Snow (Chapters 18, 20 and 21), and three in Verdant Wind ( chapters 19, 21 and 22).

Additionally, players can purchase Master Seals from the Market starting in Chapter 13 (Chapter 12 if Byleth sides against the Church), with a limit of five. Anna's Shop has an unlimited supply. Each seal will cost 3 gold.

How to Get Master Seals in Fire Emblem Warriors

In "Warriors", Master Seals are used to craft Surge Crests, which are the items that modify and improve a Warrior's class. In this title, there is a main sigil for each playable character available.

To get master seals, you will need to clear these cards with an S rank:

  • Invisible Bonds, Ally Rescue Level 14
  • Invisible Bonds, Fort Siege level 28
  • Invisible Ties, Level 25 Invisible Ties
  • The path is yours, Fort Defense level 22
  • The path is yours, embrace the darkness level 36
  • The path is yours, in white light level 36
  • The Dark Pontifex, Pincer Escape level 15
  • The Dark Pontifex, Pincer Escape level 17
  • The Dark Pontifex, Pincer Escape level 24
  • Noble Lady of Caelin, Pincer Escape level 22
  • Noble Lady of Caelin, Ally Rescue level 22
  • Noble Lady of Caelin, Fort Siege level 26
  • Noble Lady of Caelin, Level 26 Shadow Elimination
  • Together until the end, Fort Siege level 34
  • Together until the end, Rendezvous Disruption level 35
  • Together until the end, target elimination level 42, less than 15 minutes
  • Together until the end, Rendezvous Disruption level 42
  • Grief, Level 21 Recruitment Battle
  • Land of the Gods, Fort Siege level 23
  • Cold Reception, Level 19 Gold Rush
  • A brush in the teeth, Pincer Escape level 20
  • Princess Minerva, Shadow Rush level 22
  • Knorda Market, Villager Rescue, Level 21
  • Scion of Legend, Level 24 Escape
  • Emmeryn, stronghold level 25
  • Caravan Dancer, Pincer Escape Level 21

Some of the characters holding Master Seal drops only appear after reinforcements. To get an S rank, you must:

  • Complete the map in less than 20 minutes (15 for a specific map, noted above);
  • Take less than 80% of your HP in damage;
  • Get 2000 kills. Kills made by unchecked team members count.

In Story Mode, six additional seals are obtained in Chapters 5, 8, 11, 13, 15, and 18. They are available as loot from completing the chapter, one of the loot drops, or treasure rewards.

Master at Fire Emblem

Depending on the Fire Emblem title you're playing, Master Seals can be plentiful or locked behind specific cards and requirements. Some games, like "Warriors", heavily reward optimized game patterns and place specific limits on the number of seals available. Use the Master Seal wisely, as an untimely upgrade can cost the character stat points in the long run.

What are your plans for your first Master Seal? Let us know in the comment section below.

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