How to get more bundles in Instacart

Hundreds of millions of people have plunged into the "gig-economy" by filling orders for Instacart. You may have been working on it for a while, but it's not paying off as you hoped. Maybe you can't get more lots on Instacart, so you're ready to quit.

Luckily, you don't have to give up Instacart as a side business. Read on to find out how to get enough bundles to keep your pockets full.

How to get more bundles

As an independent entrepreneur, your goal is to find the keys to success in your field. This article discusses how other Instacart shoppers get more bundles. You will learn the importance of the Instacart rating system and how it works. Plus, we've included some do's and don'ts for making more money with Instacart.

How Instacart's Buyer Rating System Works

Your success as an Instacart buyer totally depends on your ratings. Ratings are calculated using several factors, such as your availability and customer reviews. Your ratings make or destroy your Instagram shopping revenue. Therefore, it is important that you understand how the Instacart rating system works.

Key takeaways about Instacart buyer ratings include:

  • A 5-star rating system determines prize assignments.
  • Ratings primarily come from customer scores on the Instagram app client.
  • The average of your last 100 orders is used to calculate the 5 star rating.
  • Scoring cycles restart every 100 orders.

Each score is assigned a point. In other words, a 5 star rating equals 5 points, and so on. Your points are added when you make 100 deliveries. The total is divided by the number of ratings you received in those hundred deliveries. This number is your average rating.

Simply put, buyers with higher ratings get more lots. Low ratings mean fewer lots. Persistently low grades could mean dismissal.

There are some negative ratings that Instacart will not factor into your average. Usually the negative is for a reason beyond your control. Among these reasons:

  • Items were out of stock
  • power outages
  • Severe weather
  • Your lowest score is always forgiven

Your average score determines your overall buyer rating from excellent to poor. The Instacart algorithm automatically prioritizes top-ranked shoppers for bundle deals.

Improve your grade

You should not leave your assessment to chance. Commit to being proactive in pulling your review numbers. Your efforts will be rewarded many times over in the form of a larger check.

Find busy stores

Instacart gets more business in areas with the highest delivery demands. To meet this demand, the company is assigning more customers to the region. You can increase your chances of getting more prizes based on your location when a prize enters the system.

Follow these steps to get yourself in position:

  1. Open your Instacart Shopping App.
  2. Go to “Map View”.
  3. Look for the most frequented stores (indicated by colored circles).
  4. Drive to an area within a mile of a busy store.
  5. Go online to show your location and availability.

Buyers who are within a mile of high-demand stores are more likely to see available lots. Moving your vehicle to an area close to so-called "hot spots" can maximize your income.

Respond to consumer demands

Instacart expands its services based on unmet customer needs. For example, if many customers request delivery of items such as beauty products, sporting goods, and electronics, Instagram will contract with retailers that provide those items.

Make yourself available for more customer inquiries by:

  1. Shopping on Sundays when customer demand is highest.
  2. Take the alcohol certification course to deliver alcohol in alcohol-enabled states.
  3. Use a larger vehicle for delivery, if possible, so you can accept larger lots.

Your lots will increase with the additional quantity you bid. Keep looking for ways to unlock the kinds of bundle types you can purchase. For example, get your cooler bags approved for a safe food handling badge.

There are two ways to get the badge in the app:

  1. Buy cooler bags from Instacart's favorite vendor.
  2. Buy cooler bags that meet Safe Food Handling flow standards.

Send a photo and description of the bags you buy to Instagram support. You will need approval to get your badge. Demonstrate your commitment to safe food handling. Read and follow the food safety best practices information on Instacart's shopping website.

How to accept more than one order

The fastest way to get more lots on Instacart is to accept two orders. In other words, buy for two customers with separate orders from the same store.

Here are the steps on how to double checkout for Instacart:

  1. Open the Instacart Shopper app and accept the "Dual Batch Order".
  2. Go to the selected store. Click "Got It" on the Instacart app reminder that appears.
  3. Purchase the order as normal for both customers. Use separate carts to keep the drive straight, if possible.
  4. Confirm each order is correct by checking the listing screen on the app.
  5. Check one order at a time. Make sure the bags are separated.

Take the bags to your car but put them in separate areas. For example, put the first customer's bags in the trunk. Then place the next customer's bags in your back seat. You are now ready to deliver your orders.

Instacart will display a delivery page for the double bundle. Follow the same process as a one-time delivery for the first order. Follow these steps before starting the second order:

  1. Drop off the items at the address of the first customer.
  2. Move the red "Swipe to complete delivery" slider on the app. This marks the first command as complete.
  3. Wait for Instacart to send another delivery page. Swipe this page to start the second delivery and to start the timer.
  4. Go to the address of the second client.
  5. Swipe the "Swipe to complete delivery" again to complete the second order.

Filling two or more batches at once is complicated but more lucrative. The way out is to take one step at a time. Be sure to communicate with customers. Finally, provide excellent service with their items.

Low Rating Factors

If your grades continue to drop, find out why they are so low. Do everything you can to increase your rating to excellent or above average to get more prizes.

Here are common reasons for low buyer ratings on Instacart:

  • pass a lot of lots
  • Too far from shops
  • Misses the four-minute time limit to respond to a batch
  • Location services not enabled

More importantly, poor customer service definitely doesn't help your ratings. Customers not only deserve great service, but their contribution weighs heavily on your Instacart buyer score.

Here are some tips for satisfying a customer:

  • Follow the instructions they leave to the letter.
  • Send a message to clarify anything you are unsure of.
  • Remain professional but friendly if you need to establish customer contact.

It is true that some issues will be out of your control. But in areas where you can improve, make changes that will get you more prizes.

Business is booming

Over 500 Instacart shoppers are making money every day, and so are you. Don't leave your winnings to chance. Use the suggestions in this article to set yourself up for success.

How long have you been a buyer on Instacart? Share some tips that have helped you get more prizes. Leave a comment in the box below.

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