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Catching “waifus” and “husbandos” is the main agenda of the Discord bot known as Mudae. The bot gives you chances to cast characters, which you then have to pretend to add to your harem. However, the reels are limited and you don't get many.

If you want to get more rolls, there are things you can do, including getting items and commands that can help increase your chances of getting better characters. We will also answer some questions regarding the claim on Mudae.

How to get more rolls in Mudae

There are different methods to increase the number of rolls available in Mudae. Most of them require nothing but time. The only exception is when you subscribe to Premium Mudae.

Change game mode

First of all, instead of playing on "game mode one", you should switch to "game mode two". By default, all servers run the first game mode. To change it, you need to type “$gamemode 2”.

Alternatively, you can create a new instance on your server specifically to play "game mode two" only. This way you can enjoy both game modes.

"Game Mode Two" does not increase your rolls, but it does allow you to limit which characters you want from them. There are four commands that tell Mudae which character types you want to get rolls:

  • "$wa" for anime and manga waifus
  • "$ha" for anime and manga marios
  • “$wg” for video game waifus
  • "$hg" for video game puppets

To get only the most popular characters, those with high ranks, you can use the “$limroul 1 1 1 1” to set the minimum number of characters each time you cast. The limit doesn't mean you'll be casting characters that are only above Rank 7 or Rank 000 for waifus and marios, respectively. With the limiter enabled, you'll have a higher chance of rolling higher ranked marios and waifus.

If you want to cast all available characters, you can type "$limroul" by itself and check the numbers below. By placing it at a very low rank, you have the opportunity to cast less popular characters.

Better rolls mean using fewer rolls in the long run. You target a specific range of waifus and marios, and the command cuts out the undesirables. Ultimately, it's up to you how much you want to limit the roller roulette.

Dépenser Kakera en badges Kakera

Kakera is the currency players use to purchase items. Among the most important things you can buy are the various Kakera badges. These badges are crucial for getting more rolls, as well as other bonuses.

Since they grant you more rolls, you should make it a priority to spend Kakera on badges. Getting all the badges and their highest levels will make it easier for waifus and husbands to roll.

There are six types of badges:

While it seems like a good idea to only get the Sapphire badge, which grants you more rolls, you should get them all. The Ruby badge makes buying other badges cheaper when it's maxed out, and before you can buy it you need to buy Bronze, Silver, and Gold badges. These need to be upgraded to tier two before unlocking the order to purchase a Ruby badge.

The order of purchase of badges is as follows:

  1. Obtain bronze, silver and gold Kakera badges and upgrade them to level two.
  2. Buy a Ruby badge and max it out to level four.
  3. Get maximum emerald badge.
  4. Finally, you can max out everything else and purchase the Sapphire Badge.

Kakera badges are a must if you plan to play the game for a long time. They grant you more chances to cast character wishes, give you wish slots, and make farming easier for you. Sapphire Badges are nice to have, but you should play the game with long-term goals in mind.

The moment you max out the Sapphire badge, you'll get four additional rolls, not counting the ones you already have. Sapphire Badges upgraded to level four also replace Blue Kakera with Yellow Kakera. The level four bonus increases the value of Kakera drops and helps you get richer without spending as much time as before.

Create a wishlist

Creating a wishlist doesn't give you more rolls either, but it does tell Mudae which waifus and marios are on your wishlist. A wishlist will make rolling for them more accessible if you have the appropriate badge.

To wishlist a character, type “$wish” and follow the command with the character name. The command will notify you when you manage to roll the character. "$wishdel" allows you to add any waifu and mario to your wishlist.

Once added to your wishlist, it will be easier for you to roll for them. When combined with your silver badge, you'll find yourself wishlisting waifus and marios more often. Each level of the Silver Insignia grants an additional 25% chance of granting a character wish.

When you get a level four Silver Badge, you will earn 200 Kakera when someone else on the server claims one of your character's wishes.

Use the vote command

Throws will reset after a certain number of hours, but if you don't want to wait, and neither do your friends, there's a way to throw again. You can use the "$vote" to ask Mudae to "entertain humanity" and give everyone a free reset.

Get the bounty

Premium Mudae allows you to use “$setrolls” to increase the number of reels for the entire server. If you are playing with friends, then everyone benefits from the increased reels. The downside is that you have to pay for Premium Mudae, but on the other hand, your friends will like you more for activating more reels.

Additional FAQs

How many times can you claim on Mudae?

You can claim as many times as you want without spending anything. However, there is a three-hour claim reset period. You can only claim one character during these three hours, so you have to be very careful.

Can you claim someone's role on Mudae?

Yes, you can claim another player's roll on Mudae. If you're playing alone, that won't be a problem. However, some players like to "snipe" the reels.

A command called “$togglesnipe” can be entered by an administrator to prevent others from taking over your roles. This command also applies to you, so you won't be able to steal the other player's jet at all.

It's considered polite when others let you claim your rolls, so if they don't claim it after a while, it's fair that you claim it.

More Rolls Means More Waifus

Even though there aren't many ways to dramatically increase the number of reels, you can still invest in Kakera badges. They grant you four more rolls, but after that you're on your own unless you've purchased Premium Mudae. Mudae is a game that requires a lot of patience. You will end up getting what you want, but only with a lot of persistence.

What does your wishlist look like in Mudae? Do you think Mudae is too slow? Let us know in the comments section below.

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