How to Get Rid of Disease in Dayz

The Soviet Republic of Chernarus is a dangerous place. You may encounter fast and aggressive infected zombies, hostile players, animals, and various diseases.

You must scrape to find food, clean water, clothing, and gear. It is a survival game that does not make it easy for its players.

Fighting disease is one of the hardest things to do in DayZ due to the scarcity of medical resources. It also doesn't help that there are very strict rules to follow regarding interactions with food and objects if you want to avoid getting sick.

But that's why it's so fun and realistic at the same time. If you want to know how to cure disease in DayZ, strap yourself in for the ride. There are a few you need to know.

How to get rid of disease in DayZ?

Depending on the type of disease, there are different solutions to the problem. It is important to understand that all pills have an effect on all gambling diseases.

However, each pill also has a clear purpose, so knowing what to take based on your survivor's condition is key.

Here is a list of things that can affect your character's health and how you can deal with them.


Drinking contaminated water is the primary cause of cholera. It can also happen if you eat or drink with bloody hands.

Symptoms include vomiting, dehydration, and blurred vision. The treatment for this is tetracycline pills.

This is the most common disease in DayZ, which is why it is very important to purify water containers with chlorine tablets.

It is essential to start treating cholera quickly as it can make you sluggish and very vulnerable to attack. Impaired vision can also prevent you from performing certain tasks and activities.


Catching the flu virus often occurs due to excessive exposure to rain. You can also catch it if you stay too long at low temperatures, or if another survivor infects you.

Tetracycline pills cure the flu and prevent you from spreading it to other survivors.


Salmonella is a disease you can get from eating raw or uncooked meat. Like cholera, it is manifested by vomiting.

To cure salmonella, you will need to take charcoal tablets.

Chemical poisoning

This is a disease that affects survivors who ingest one of three things; alcoholic tinctures, gasoline and disinfectant sprays.

Blood loss and dehydration are the two symptoms. Curing the disease requires charcoal tablets.

Heart attack

Too much shock or losing too much blood quickly can cause a heart attack. It can damage health, leave a survivor unconscious and even lead to death.

Its treatment requires that you have an epinephrine auto-injector.

brain disease

Brain disease is somewhat fun in DayZ. Her symptoms include random shaking, coupled with uncontrollable laughter.

You can catch it by eating raw human meat harvested from dead players or human steak.

Unfortunately, the only way to treat brain diseases is to kill your survivor.

Special mention – Haemolytic reaction

It's a disease you can't treat in DayZ. This happens when you get incompatible blood from another survivor inside you.

If you get it, you will notice both blood loss and health loss as symptoms. Interestingly enough, this condition is not fatal.

It is also not permanent but it has a very long duration.

How to get rid of the cold in DayZ?

Now let's talk about the most common disease in the game - the common cold or just the common cold.

There are two ways to get rid of a cold in DayZ.

  • Tetracycline Pills
  • Fight the cold naturally

Keeping your survivor warm can help treat the infection, but the process takes much longer than the much simpler alternative of drinking tetracycline pills.

It is only common to catch a cold during the winter season. It takes both rain and cold to create the ideal conditions for infection.

Pro tip – You can fight your cold faster if you combine the tetracycline pill with a multivitamin pill. The latter slightly enhances the effect.

How to get rid of the cold in DayZ on Xbox?

As with the PC and PlayStation versions of the game, you can fight the cold in two ways.

First, you can try to fend it off on your own. It takes a long time and may not always work.

Second, and the best way to do this is to ingest tetracycline tablets.

Remember that you can only take one tablet at a time, as multiple doses do not have an aggravated effect. Wait for the pill indicator to turn off or wait five minutes.

How to get rid of disease in DayZ 1.04?

Update 1.04 extended the previous disease system in DayZ. As such, more medical items in the game have been given a new purpose.

The following treatments can cure the majority of gambling diseases:

  1. Tetracycline pills – used to treat cholera, flu and colds.
  2. Charcoal tablets – used to treat salmonella and chemical poisoning.
  3. Epinephrine – used to treat a heart attack.

If you catch a brain disease while becoming a cannibal survivor, you must kill yourself or have your survivor killed. There's no way to get rid of it.

How to get rid of water sickness in DayZ?

To cure water sickness, you need to understand what it is and what it does.

In DayZ, the water sickness is actually cholera. It is an infectious disease in the game that you can catch after drinking unclean water.

Your survivor can also catch it by eating contaminated food with unwashed hands.

Since it has no antibiotic resistance, you can treat water sickness with tetracycline tablets.

Prevention is often the best cure as it is not always easy to find pills. Here are some of the things to avoid if you don't want to catch cholera in DayZ.

  1. Drink directly from streams, lakes or ponds.
  2. Drink from any water source with bloody hands.
  3. Drinking water from canteens or bottles used by survivors infected with cholera.
  4. Drink water from newly created bottles or canteens.

This last point is very important to remember because each new container of water that spawns has a 50% chance of having the pathogen.

Additional FAQs

Why can't I get rid of disease in DayZ?

There are many reasons why you can't get rid of a disease and get back on track.

Your survivor's immune system may be too weak. It's also possible that you haven't taken the right treatment for your particular condition.

Each disease in DayZ requires a specific treatment. Taking the wrong pill can still have a positive effect, but it is unlikely to help you get rid of the disease.

A disease like a brain disease is something you can't cure unless your survivor dies and respawns. No pills or medical devices in the game can help you solve this problem.

Another reason some players can't get rid of the disease is because they keep making the same mistakes. Taking a cholera pill while continuing to drink contaminated water can prevent you from recovering.

If you have a cold but stay in a cold, rainy environment, antibiotics may not help.

Diseases in DayZ go away at different rates. You may just have something that takes longer to fight. Being around other infected survivors gives you constant exposure to a number of diseases. You may end up dealing with one thing but come down with another right after.

Some gambling symptoms do not indicate illness. For example, vomiting may occur after a survivor has eaten too much. You also can't get rid of the disease because you don't actually have a disease, just a common symptom.

Can DayZ cure the disease?

Yes, it is possible to cure all but two diseases in DayZ. Everything is treatable except for brain disease and hemolytic reaction.

Both of these diseases have no in-game treatment, so your only solution is to respawn.

How is DayZ Alone infected?

Survivors have two ways to become infected in DayZ. It can happen when you eat, drink or put on something that carries various pathogens.

This can also happen if you stay near other infected survivors. For example, it is possible to spread the flu and colds by sneezing.

Dangers at every step

It's impressive how much detail the DayZ developers have added to the game since its humble beginnings as an Arma II game mod.

The disease system alone brings a new and complex dimension to the game. It also makes what was already a challenging survival game even more challenging.

Whether you're playing the game alone or with friends on a server, you need to be careful of anything that can affect your survivor's health. Wash your hands, don't eat spoiled produce, and stay away from other sick survivors.

Also, be sure to stock up on all the pills to be ready for any situation.

Let us know if this guide helped you navigate DayZ. Tell us in the comments section below what are your favorite methods or routines you follow to avoid disease.

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