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In-depth conversations in The Sims can give you a lot of valuable information. They give you insight into what your characters are talking about and often let you choose what they will say. They can also produce many surprising effects, which can positively or negatively influence relationships in the game.

But are deep conversations available in The Sims 4? And if so, how to enable this feature? Conversations was a useful tool in previous entries, so let's check its status in The Sims 4.

How to Have an In-Depth Conversation in The Sims 4

Unfortunately, the Deep Talk designation is not included in the Sims 4 menu. Your friends may have a romantic bar, but the game will not display the Deep Talk option.

However, this does not mean that they are out of the game. They only appear under different names, depending on your situation. For example, the interaction called "Share stories of personal challenges" is if your characters are confidants. In contrast, the action known as "Pirate Thread Swapping" occurs when you interact during a Talk Like a Pirate day.

Since the "Exchange Pirate Threads" interaction is rarer, you should choose "Share Personal Challenge Stories" when you're on a date. They should reach your goal and score points with your potential partner.

Once you start a conversation with another Sim, it should work the same as in other versions. While having this type of social interaction, your characters can gain and lose a number of relationship points, make friends, enemies, and lovers. Additionally, they can be mean, affectionate, or friendly, triggering various events and allowing Sims to talk about related memories (e.g. becoming best friends).

When you initiate conversations with other Sims, a tab should appear on your screen. It shows the type of discussion and the emotions of the interlocutor. There are two types of conversations:

  • Pleasant Conversation – This chat takes place when your Sim uses friendly social interaction with their conversation partner. It gives a Happy Mooodlet to both Sims and two Mooodlets for exiting characters. Conversation can also take place during friendly introductions.
  • Casual Chat – The second type is more common and occurs whenever your Sim starts talking to another Sim.

To start deep conversations, you can choose between several options in addition to sharing personal challenge stories and swapping pirate stories:

  • “Chat with BFF”
  • “Sharing personal life goals”
  • “Talk about precious memory”

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your in-depth discussions:

Gauge the mood

Your character's mood is crucial to their conversational abilities. If they are happy, your conversations will certainly last longer and be more enjoyable. The mood of the interlocutor is just as crucial, if not more important.

To check the mood of Sims, hover over your chat panel at the top of the screen. Green indicates happiness, which means you can have a more fruitful discussion. In contrast, red denotes anger and is not conducive to good conversation. If a character is in a bad mood, your Sim is very likely to be rejected.

Also, don't give friendly kisses or hugs right away. Make sure the bar is at least 20%-30% before trying. If that doesn't work, take a different approach.

Build your relationships gradually and learn Sim traits

Pay particular attention to the performance of your social networks. If your interlocutor doesn't like your interactions, stop using them. For example, if their reaction to funny actions is negative, switch to more friendly actions.

Additionally, use "Discuss Interests" and "Get to Know" to discover a character's traits. They should help you find a social network that works well, especially when your traits match.

Sometimes Sims' traits are reflected in their personalities, so consider your notifications when chatting. "Creative" characters are more inspired, while "Two Bookworms" refers to a Sim who likes to read books.

Avoid repetition

It is not recommended to repeat social stuff, as it can irritate your interlocutor. Performing them twice in a row is usually fine, but anything more than that can lead to boring conversation.

Instead, rotate through proven social networks. For example, "discussing interests" and "getting to know" chats shouldn't fail as often as cuddling and gossiping at the start of your relationships.

Whatever the type of deep conversation, your charisma will play a central role in its success. The higher your charisma level, the higher your chances of a successful introduction. When you upgrade this ability, you can unlock many interesting intros:

  • light up the day
  • Happy introductions
  • A gentle apology
  • Charming presentations
  • Affectionate introductions

Keep in mind that you can also converse with other characters while performing multiple activities. The list includes the use of a treadmill and cooking. The game allows your Sims to autonomously join any group chat, and they cannot be asked to leave their chat.

Building strong in-game relationships

Sims 4 is all about building relationships. The most effective way to do this is through in-depth conversations, although the interaction is known by different names in this build. The most important thing to remember is to choose your interlocutors carefully, according to their mood. Once you've started a discussion, maintain a positive atmosphere with the appropriate social networks.

Do you like having deep conversations in The Sims 4? How often do you have them? What do your characters talk about most often? Let us know in the comments section below.

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