How to Hide Windows 10 Taskbar

Although the Windows 10 taskbar appears to be a fundamental part of the desktop operating system, it is actually a modular component that can be easily replaced and/or modified. A common approach to the taskbar is to simply install a third-party software dock, such as Aqua Dock, as we'll see in this article, to replace the taskbar.

If you choose to add a new taskbar, it's a good idea to remove the built-in version and replace it with custom options and additional software. Whatever you decide, this article will show you how to hide the taskbar.

How to Hide Your Taskbar on Windows 10

  1. If you just want to hide the taskbar without permanently removing it or installing new software, right-click the taskbar and select Taskbar settings at the bottom of the menu.
  2. Next, click the toggle switch to Au for Automatically hide taskbar in desktop mode ou Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode, it will depend on your windows mode and close the window.
  3. The taskbar will disappear from the desktop as shown below.

Whenever the mouse hovers over the taskbar area for more than a millisecond, the taskbar reappears and hides again as soon as the mouse is moved.

How to show the taskbar

However, since this is an auto-hide option, you can quickly restore the taskbar. The taskbar reappears when you move the cursor down the desktop. As such, you can still switch between windows.

  1. To disable the auto-hide feature, follow the steps given above, then click the toggle switch to return to disabled.

Hide your taskbar with software

You can also remove the taskbar with a keyboard shortcut with third-party software.

Using Hide Taskbar to Hide Your Taskbar

Hide Taskbar is a program that allows you to remove the taskbar by pressing a hotkey.

  1. Click it Download now button turned on his Softpedia page to save his ZIP.
  2. Open the zipped folder and click Extract all to decompress it. You can run it by selecting its .exe from the extracted folder.
  3. The program does not have a configuration window, but has an icon in the system tray when operational. Now press the Ctrl + Esc keyboard shortcut to remove the taskbar. You can only restore the taskbar by pressing the same keyboard shortcut again.
  4. To close the software, you must right-click on its icon and select To party.

Hide taskbar does not include any hotkey customization option. An alternative program with which you can customize and remove the keyboard shortcut from the taskbar is Taskbar Control. You can add it to Windows 10 from this Softpedia page much the same as HT.

Use taskbar control to hide your taskbar

  1. When the software is running, you need to right-click on the taskbar control system tray icon and select Parameters to open the window just below. Press a new keyboard shortcut that will remove the taskbar. Click it Okay and press the new keyboard shortcut to hide and restore the taskbar.

Taskbars and Windows 10

This is how you can remove the taskbar with or without hotkeys if needed. Note that the programs covered here are compatible with all newer versions of Windows and are also portable applications that you can store on a USB drive. Windows 10 is very rich in features that allow you to choose and optimize your own user experience; for just one example of many, check out our article on changing your mouse speed on Windows 10.

Share your thoughts and experiences with the Windows 10 Taskbar below.

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