How to Level Up Fast in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV offers a large number of ways to earn experience points (EXP). There are also three expansions, and the level cap has been pushed from 50 to 80. This gives you plenty of opportunities to explore this enchanting world and casually progress through the story. However, you may also be in a rush to maximize gains and reach the highest level as quickly as possible.

In this entry, we will share some tips on how to level up fast in Final Fantasy XIV. You'll learn how to quickly level up your character's and Chocobo's skills, allowing you to move quickly through the game.

How to Level Up Fast in FFXIV

If you're an FFXIV newbie, the most effective way to level up quickly is to follow the class quests and main storyline quests. Following the storyline is fun and helps you unlock new game features, new locations, and earn EXP in many other ways. All of this will give you a tremendous experience boost.

As you reach higher levels, you can also try the following strategies:

  • Hunt Logs – Each major company and base class has logs with a specific number of enemies you must defeat. Tasks usually involve getting extra kills in regions you need to access anyway. Therefore, you can get a huge EXP boost with minimal effort.
  • FATE – FATEs appear randomly on the map and award you a significant portion of EXP based on your contribution and level. Finding them can be time consuming, but be sure to complete FATEs whenever you come across one.
  • Challenge Logs – These challenges can include completing FATE and clearing dungeons. Apart from individual trial/dungeon rewards, they also allow you to level up quickly. These logs are reset weekly.
  • Sanctuary Buff – Be sure to place your character in your Sanctuary every time you log out. That way, you'll get a solid rest bonus in your next session. The bonus is quite significant, giving you 50% extra combat experience.
  • Food Buff – Buy the most affordable food from a store and consume it for a 3% experience destruction bonus. You can even drink water to get this effect. This will last 30 minutes and give you two batteries. The EXP boost can be mild, but considering how easy it is to activate, its use is highly recommended.
  • Join Free Companies – FFXIV Free Companies are player guilds that activate EXP bonuses of up to 15% for all of their members. The number of EXP points you receive depends on your business, but they are a surefire way to level up quickly.

Several gear bonuses will also contribute to your EXP gain:

  • Brand New Ring – This item grants you a 30% EXP bonus until your character reaches level 31. It is highly recommended to obtain it as the only requirement is to complete the Novice Hall missions. These are short challenges and a gentle introduction to the game's combat system.
  • Circle of Friendship – Circle of Friendship gives you a 20% bonus to EXP. To achieve this effect, you will need to recruit a friend with the game's invitation system. Alternatively, you can be recruited and remain a subscriber for 30 days. The bonus will last until you reach level 26.
  • Menphina's Earring – This item can be obtained if you pre-order the Endwalker expansion. It also gives you a 30% EXP boost and lasts until your character reaches level 80.

FFXIV How to level up 50-60 fast?

Reaching level 50 is much easier than advancing your character past that threshold. Experience requirements are increasing, making it more difficult to reach new levels. At this point you also get reduced armory bonuses for high level classes.

Your best bet is to complete dungeons with as many EXP boosts as possible (food buffs, shrine buffs, etc.). The Palace of the Dead will prove particularly useful as it allows you to pass through random floors and fight a boss every 10 floors. You get a large amount of EXP for defeating each boss, as well as Poetic Tombstones and Lore/Scripture Tombstones.

Keep returning to the Palace of the Dead until you reach level 60 and be ready for new challenges.

How to get to level 60-70

Climbing past level 60 is even harder than progressing through the previous level range. There are even higher EXP demands with tougher enemies.

The most successful tactic at this point might be to complete the Daily Roulettes. This is a matchmaking system in your Duty Finder that sets up various raids and dungeons. They offer exceptional EXP rewards that give you a significant boost once a day. Therefore, each type of roulette gives you bonus rewards after your first completion per day.

Upgrade Roulette and Alliance Roulette are particularly generous with their rewards. The same goes for the main scenario roulette. The two dungeons included can be tedious, but completing them gives you some of the highest experience rewards possible.

How to level up to 70-80

After reaching level 70, you can continue to do dungeons with various EXP bonuses to level up. However, you can also complete quests for Pixies.

Once you've completed the Wheel Spin quests, you can visit the Pink Pixie in the Crystarium and unlock the Pixie Beast Tribe quests:

You can also complete an array of daily quests for Pixies to earn EXP and other rewards. These include:

  • As sweet as honey
  • Snot my problem
  • The hunter
  • The best of boat worlds

How to Level Up Fast in Eureka

There are several ways to level up quickly in Eureka. If you're exploring the world on your own, you should focus on taking down enemies that are on the same level as you. The only downside is that you may not be able to kill them fast enough to create chain multipliers to increase your EXP gain. Also try to avoid other enemy groups or players who have already tagged or claimed.

Alternatively, traversing Eureka in a group is much more efficient for leveling up. It allows you to take on higher level enemies for more EXP. Experience can be shared between party members, but you'll level up much faster because you can create a multiplier chain quickly.

The real fun begins when your party has eight members. These groups can defeat enemies around four levels higher, allowing them to maximize experience gain. However, things can get quite dicey, so be sure to bring a few healers with you.

Finally, be sure to fight the notorious monster whenever it spawns, even if someone else has already claimed it. This will give you a huge amount of experience and you will have a good chance of leaving Crystals.

How to Increase Chocobo Level Fast

Your Chocobo gains EXP when you defeat monsters in the field. This can be especially useful if you are already doing field missions, such as Beast Tribe Quests and Fates. To complete this strategy, you also want to unlock your Challenge Log through I'tolwann's Rising to the Challenge quest.

Chocobos' initial maximum rank is 10, but you can increase this by one level (up to 20) by giving them a Thavnairian Onion. Otherwise, they won't gain EXP until you rank them up.

You can acquire guaranteed Thavnairian Onions by completing the “Landing a Steady Job” quest from Mathye. The quest "The True Nature of a Hunter" has the same effect.

Also, don't forget to complete Luquelot's "The Bird in Hand" quest to gain access to a Chocobo Stable. It allows you to lock up and feed your Chocobo every hour, increasing its EXP. Even better, other users can power up your Chocobo when you're offline or busy.

How to level up Weaver fast

Reaching level 15 as a weaver is relatively simple. To get as much experience as possible, try to craft high level items without failing. To make your job easier, get an engineering manual and use it to craft a plethora of items. Completing Great Company Sheds is another way to quickly earn EXP as a Weaver.

From level 15 to level 30, you should focus on leves. These missions go a long way towards lowering levels as they are repeatable.

You can also rely on Levequests to reach level 70 and beyond. There are also additional quests you can participate in. These include Splendors Exchange and Moogle Beast Tribe quests.

How to quickly increase DPS level

DPS is a crucial metric for any class that relies on high damage, such as Archers and Lancers. The fastest way to improve this skill is to use the Daily Roulettes. They will give you at least two levels per day until you reach level 64. At this point, EXP gain slows down to 1,5 levels per day.

It might not look impressive, but they take much less time to complete than dungeons. To make your journey even smoother, be sure to invite a healer and a tank to your party.

Let the grind begin

Leveling fast in FFXIV allows you to unlock tons of thrilling content. It also lets you level up your skills faster and take on high-level enemies without a hitch.

But don't just focus on your character – be sure to provide enough experience to your Chocobo for your companion to keep up with. The result will be a much smoother and more enjoyable journey throughout the game.

What is your current level in Final Fantasy XXIV? How long did it take you to reach it? What's your favorite way to level up fast in FFXIV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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