How to Level Up Fast in Raid: Shadow Legends

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All players are clamoring to level up to become stronger in Raid: Shadow Legends. With powerful champions, they can take on tougher enemies, including other players. There are many levels to play, but which are the best to level up?

Knowing how to level up quickly in Raid: Shadow Legends not only saves you time, but can also help you avoid wasting precious resources. Having different champions for different game modes is essential for progression, but you need to do it in the most efficient way possible.

Read on to learn the best ways to level up champions and stars, as well as your account.

How to level up fast in Raid: Shadow Legends?

Let's first talk about getting your champions to max rank. A max ranked champion will have an easier time dealing with tougher enemies. However, you also need lower ranked champions as "food" for the bigger ones, and those also need to be leveled up.

How to Evolve Champions in Raid: Shadow Legends

Here's how to get your champions to max rank quickly:

Play the campaign

The main campaign is everyone's first method of improving their champions. You can play the story in Normal, Hard and Brutal mode. As their names suggest, each one is tougher than the last. The higher the difficulty, the more XP you get.

For beginners, the best way to level up is to play the entire campaign once. After completing the campaign, you can always replay the missions. All campaign missions give XP, but some reward much more than others.

The campaign consists of 12 chapters. Each chapter has seven stages that you must beat before advancing to the next chapter. For all chapters, step 6 is the one you want to exploit.

Many players believe that stage 6 is the best XP farming stage, especially in chapter 12. Each chapter has a boss fight at the end, but stage 6 is much more efficient if you are looking for XP farming pure.

Playing the campaign is also a great way to earn money, as you will need to upgrade your gear. If you want both XP and Silver, the third stage of Chapter 12 is a great mission to play. The third stage for all chapters drops shields, and of all the artifacts, shields sell for the most money.

Between these two stages, you'll find yourself maxing out champions quickly after a lot of grinding. Make sure you have enough stamina before you start farming XP though.

The composition you bring to the campaign is also important. We recommend fielding one main champion who is already maxed out, and the other three should be "food" champions that you later sacrifice for your main team.

You get four champions on a team for the match. Each of them gets 25% of the total XP in a battle. While your main champion will no longer get XP due to their level cap, the other three will each gain 25%.

One main champion and three food champions will be the most efficient method to quickly level any champion.

All characters earn XP even if they die mid-battle, so you can let your main character handle all the fights if needed. Additionally, your main character can clear the stage in automatic mode to save time.

Additionally, the campaign rewards you with mystery shards, and you use them to get more champions. You might get a good champion with your roll, but usually they're just another food source.

Play in the Minotaur Maze

The Minotaur's Labyrinth is the dungeon where you can obtain Mastery Scrolls. These scrolls help increase your champions' combat prowess. As a bonus, the Minotaur's Labyrinth is also a great place to farm for XP.

It takes a lot of energy to farm Master Scrolls, but you get the most out of it by using the opportunity to evolve your champions as well. With the XP available in the Minotaur's Labyrinth, you can reach level 45 if you're lucky, but most characters reach level 40.

Reaching level 40 may not seem like much, but it's further than you'd get playing the campaign alone. The disadvantage is that beginners do not have access to this place immediately after starting the game.

Play in the Dragon's Lair

Playing Dragon's Lair Stage 20 is a great way to get gear upgrades. If you have an auto picker, you can even do it overnight. Having Bad-el-Kazar also makes the process easier. The moment you wake up, your champions will gain a lot of XP.

How to Raise Stars in Raid: Shadow Legends

Having enough food champions is crucial if you want to make your main team into higher star champions. In this process, you use these less starred characters as food for the main champions.

First, you'll need enough food champions for everyone. If you've been farming the campaign for a while, chances are you'll have plenty of food champions to upgrade; typically, these are three-star characters and below.

Once you have enough, go to campaign missions and max them out. If you want to put a five-star character, you have to sacrifice three four-star characters. The same goes for lower star champions.

For example, if you don't have a three-star character, three higher-level two-star champions can help another two-star champion climb up and fill the gap.

Helping champions get stars is all about nurturing lower level champions to higher level champions. Eventually, with a bit of farming and grinding, you'll end up with a five-star champion.

To level any champion to a higher star rating, follow these steps:

  1. Farm and max your food champions.
  2. Go to the tavern.
  3. Select the "Upgrade Level" tab.
  4. Choose any food champion with the same number of stars as the one whose ranks you want to improve.
  5. Spend money to upgrade the champion.
  6. The champion will consume your food champions and return to level one.
  7. Repeat if necessary.

Alternatively, you can also use chickens. These chickens are rewards for challenges and activities. You can also buy them in the shop.

Chickens can replace a champion during the leveling process, and a mix of the two is always a valid form of leveling.

The higher the target rank, the more champions or chickens you need. To upgrade a two-star character to three-star, you need two of the first or two chickens. Mixing is allowed, as we mentioned above.

Currently, the cap for all champions is six stars, or level 60. To get a six-star character, you need five rank five champions or chickens. After that, you won't be able to improve their rank anymore.

How to increase your account in Raid: Shadow Legends

Besides farming for champion XP, your account also needs to be leveled up. Having a high-level account has many benefits, including:

Higher energy capacity

Higher capacity allows you to generate more energy. While you still get energy by playing missions, quests, and getting rewards, you cannot exceed your current maximum capacity.

Having more than you can handle can be a waste. This is why getting your account to level 60 is essential. At level 60, you get the maximum energy capacity in the game, and you receive a capacity boost after that. There will be other rewards, however.

· Access to more content and game modes

Some of the game content is locked behind a level door. Leveling up content grants you more XP and essential items to become a better player.

Countryside grinding can only be effective for so long. This is why accessing the Minotaur's dungeons and labyrinth should be a priority. It would be better if you had the rewards of these places to strengthen your team.

· More rewards

Each time you level up your account, you get rewards including Gems, Holy Shards, and Energy equal to your current ability. Fragments are for players to throw for more champions, and getting some is always welcome.

Playing through the campaign and farming your champions also improves your count. While reaching level 60 is essential, take your time and focus on your champions as well, and you will naturally reach your account level goal.

Finally, a six-star champion

Playing hard isn't as effective as playing smart, but doing both will help you in Raid: Shadow Legends. These methods should arm you with the knowledge to level all champions quickly. The further you progress, the easier it is to max out champions.

How many six-star champions do you have? What is your account level now? Tell us in the comments section below.

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