How to make a fire resistance potion in Minecraft

Traversing the Nether and the Underground in Minecraft can be hazardous to your health. Endless lakes of lava and fire, as well as fireball attacks, can take down even the most loyal adventurer and shorten your exploration time.

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself from these flame hazards. And it's all in a handy glass bottle.

Find out how to prepare fire resistance potions for your next excursions into the fiery depths of the Nether and how to use the ones you have in your inventory.

How to make a fire resistance potion in Minecraft

Like any good chemist, before you can brew a potion to protect yourself from fire, you'll need a way to brew it. In the world of Minecraft, that means building a brew stand.

If you already have access to a brewing stand, skip ahead to the "How to make a fire resistance potion in Minecraft" section. For those of you who still need to assemble a patch stand, follow the steps below to get started:

Brewing Stand Ingredients Needed:

3 cobblestones, 1 Blaze wand

  1. Open the crafting interface.
  2. Assemble the Blaze rod in the top center square.
  3. Add the three cobblestones in a row directly below, one per square.
  4. Build the stand.

Fire Resistance Ingredients Needed:

Magma Cream, Nether Wart, a bottle of water, firepowder to light the brewing stand

  1. Open the brewing support interface.
  2. Light up the medium with Blaze powder.
  3. Add a glass bottle to one of the bottom three boxes.
  4. Add a nether wart to the top middle box.

Brewing this combination turns the water bottle into a clumsy potion. But you're not done yet.

Put some Magma Cream in the top middle slot where you first placed the Nether Wart and infuse it. Now you have a fire resistance potion ready to go into your inventory.

How to make a fire resistance potion in Minecraft 1.16

A new update means new challenges for Minecraft adventurers. But with the 1.16 Nether update, you need a little something extra to tackle these challenges. You need something to protect you from all that fire and lava in the area.

Making a fire resistance potion or three will help you explore the Nether and protect yourself long enough to see what the region has to offer. And you only need a few simple ingredients to make it.

  1. Make a glass bottle and fill it with water.
  2. Go to the Brewing Stand and add your Glass Bottle and Nether Wart.
  3. Add the cream of magma to the infusion.
  4. Take your new fire resistance potion and add it to your inventory.

When you combine a Nether Wart and a Glass Bottle, you get a clumsy potion. Do not worry. It's supposed to happen. Go ahead and replace the Nether Wart with Magma Cream in the Brewing Station. It is the secret ingredient that grants fire resistance for three minutes.

Alternatively, you can get fire resistance potions from witches around the world. Or you can trade fire resistance potions in exchange for gold bars.

How to make a fire resistance potion in Minecraft 1.14

Minecraft update 1.14 did not affect how you make fire resistance potions. So you use the same recipe as the current version to brew a potion:

  1. Add the nether wart and the glass bottle filled with water to the infusion stand.
  2. After getting the clumsy potion, add some magma cream to turn it into a fire resistance potion.

How to Make a Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) and Consoles

The steps for brewing the fire resistance potion are the same on all platforms, including Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE). Follow the steps below to brew this important potion:

  1. Put a glass bottle filled with water and the nether wart in the infusion holder.
  2. Obtain a clumsy potion that has no status effect.
  3. Put the magma cream in the same slot you used for the nether wart.
  4. Prepare a fire resistance potion and add it to your inventory.

This recipe works the same on all Bedrock editions of Minecraft. Bedrock Edition is what they now call Minecraft Editions for:

  • Paperback Edition (PE).
  • Xbox One.
  • PS4.
  • Nintendo Switch.
  • Windows 10.

You would also use the same recipe on the Java and Education editions of Minecraft.

How to Make a Fire Resistance Splash Potion in Minecraft

Gather your ingredients because it's time to brew a splash fire resistance potion. For this recipe, you will need one gunpowder and one fire resistance potion per bottle of fire resistance splash potion.

Once you have the ingredients, interact with the brewing stand to open the interface and follow these steps to create the potion:

  1. Put the fire resistance potion in one of the three bottom horizontal boxes.
  2. Place the gunpowder in the upper middle slot.
  3. Let infuse.
  4. Take the new potion.

Remember that you need to place Blaze powder in the slot at the top left corner of the interface to brew any potion. Blaze powder lasts multiple brewing sessions, so you might want to keep an eye on it and always have another on hand.

How to Use a Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft

If the fires around you are getting a little too hot, using a fire resistance potion is the easiest solution. Just equip it, then hit the "use item" button for your platform. The "use item" button is different depending on the platform you are playing on:

  • Xbox – Left Trigger
  • PlayStation - button L2
  • Windows 10 and Java Editions – Right Mouse Click
  • Pocket Edition (PE) – Fish Icon Button

When you take the potion correctly, you will see a very brief drinking animation. After the animation, you gain temporary immunity to all forms of fire damage, including lava.

Additional FAQs

How to make all potions in Minecraft?

You can make a variety of potions in Minecraft, and not all of them are beneficial. Some of the more popular "positive effect" potions include: u003cbru003e• Regeneration – Fearful Tear + Clumsy Potionu003cbru003e• Healing: Glimmering Melon Slice + Clumsy Potionu003cbru003e• Invisibility – Fermented Spider Eye + Night Vision Potionu003cbru003 Glimmering Potion + Clumsy Potion water are also available in Minecraft as: u003cbru003e• Nuisance – Fermented Spider Eye + Potion of Healing + Potion of Poisonu003cbru003e• Weakness – Fermented Spider Eye + Clumsy Potionu003cbru003eYou can also make potions that remove negative effects:u003cbru003e• Antidote – Silver + Clumsy Cure Potion)u003cbru003e• Eye Drops – Calcium + Clumsy Potion (cure blindness)u003cbru003e• Tonic – Bismuth + Clumsy Potion (cure nausea)

What is Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft?

The fire resistance potion protects the player against all fire related damage, from natural fire hazards to enemies equipped with fire elemental weapons. The standard potion lasts three minutes, but you can add redstone dust to a regular potion of fire resistance to extend the timer to eight minutes.

Is Netherite flame retardant?

Netherite itself is fireproof and bounces or floats on lava lakes. But wearing Netherite armor is another story.u003cbru003eIt does not make the player fireproof or immune to fire damage. You can negate some fire damage while wearing Netherite armor, but it's the same with any armor you wear, versus wearing no armor at all.

Does the fire resistance potion work in lava?

Yes, you can swim in lava just like you would in water after taking a fire resistance potion.

How to make a fire resistance potion in 8 minutes?

It actually takes less than eight minutes to brew a fire resistance potion if you have all the ingredients on hand. You can, however, brew a potion that lasts eight minutes instead of the usual three minutes. All you need to do is add Redstone Dust to a bottle of fire resistance potion at the brewing stand.

Don't let a little heat cut short your adventures

The further you progress in the game, the more you will notice that fire is a big danger in Minecraft. And you'll need a way to protect yourself from fire damage or you won't get far.

Practice brewing fire resistance potions whenever you're near a brewing stand and always have them in your inventory. You never know when you'll be under fire.

What is the average number of fire resistance potions you have in your inventory? Let us know in the comments section below.

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