How to make concrete in Minecraft

Concrete is a dynamic and sturdy building material in Minecraft. It adds a great look to any project you take on in your game. Best of all, the material can be made in a variety of colors and it's not combustible like wool.

In this article, we will give you a detailed guide on how to craft concrete in Minecraft.

How to make concrete in Minecraft

The ingredients you will need to make concrete are gravel, sand, and the dye of your choice. Before starting the manufacturing process, decide on the color of the material so that you can work on finding the perfect shade. Some of the options include white, gray, green, yellow, cyan, light blue, magenta, black, and pink. You can get your dye by trading, smelting, or crafting.

Once all the supplies are in place, you can start making your concrete. Fortunately, the process is quite simple:

  1. Start by creating concrete powder. To do this, you must first open your crafting table.
  2. In the crafting grid, combine one dye, four gravel blocks, and four sand blocks. Unlike most recipes, you can craft concrete powder by inserting the components in any order and into any square.
  3. Once the elements are gathered, you will have your concrete powder. To turn it into concrete, you will need a water supply. In this case, you can use running water or a source block.
  4. Place your concrete powder right next to the water source or drop it into the water. The powder will then harden into concrete. Remember to mine your concrete block with a pickaxe, otherwise it will disappear.

How to make concrete powder in Minecraft

You can't make concrete if you don't have concrete powder. After collecting sand, gravel, and a dye of your choice, combine them in your crafting grid to craft this material:

  1. Launch the crafting menu.
  2. Place a dye, four blocks of sand and four blocks of gravel in the grid.
  3. Once the concrete powder appears, place it in your inventory and voila.

How to make concrete blocks in Minecraft

Let's say you wanted to make a block of red concrete. The craft would look like this:

  1. Open the crafting menu.
  2. Take a poppy and turn it into red dye using the crafting grid. Place the red dye in your inventory.
  3. Reopen the crafting grid.
  4. Combine one red dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel blocks in any order. Transfer the concrete powder to your inventory.
  5. Put the concrete powder block in your hand and place it on the ground.
  6. Take a bucket of water and pour the liquid over the block.
  7. The concrete powder will now turn into a red concrete block.

How to make concrete in Minecraft quickly

Here's how you can create a large number of concrete blocks in record time:

  1. Stack blocks of concrete powder.
  2. Place water next to them.
  3. Break the blocks, which will drop the powder and turn into concrete quickly.

How to make concrete in Minecraft Survival

Crafting concrete in Minecraft Survival works the same as in the original version. We will give you an example of creating a gray concrete block:

  1. Start the crafting menu and mix one gray dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel blocks.
  2. Once the Gray Concrete Powder is crafted, move it to inventory.
  3. Place the gray concrete powder on the floor.
  4. Use a bucket of water on the powder to get gray concrete.

How to make a concrete slab in Minecraft

Unfortunately, the game still does not allow you to make concrete slabs. In the current version of Minecraft, you are only limited to concrete blocks. In terms of tiles, some of your options include the following materials:

  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Acacia
  • Birch
  • Pierre
  • Paving stone

How to make concrete in Minecraft 1.14

Perhaps the fastest way to materialize in Minecraft 1.14 is with a command. For example, if you want to create a gray concrete block on your Mac or PC, this is the command you would enter:

/give @p grey_concrete 1

Once the command is activated, you will get your gray concrete block.

How to make white concrete in Minecraft

To craft white concrete, you will first need to get a white dye:

  1. Start the crafting menu.
  2. Add a lily of the valley or bone meal to the grill.
  3. Move the white dye into your inventory when it appears.

You can now make your white concrete block:

  1. Go to your crafting menu and combine one white dye, four gravel blocks, and four sand blocks.
  2. This will create a block of white concrete powder which you can now access in inventory.
  3. Place the powder next to a water source to turn it into concrete.

How to make black concrete in Minecraft

Making black concrete shouldn't be a problem for you either:

  1. Enter the crafting menu and place a Garrote Rose or Ink Bag in the crafting box.
  2. Move the black dye to your inventory.
  3. Go to the crafting grid again and combine the black dye with four gravel blocks and four sand blocks.
  4. Once the concrete powder is created, move it to your inventory and add water to extract a concrete block.

Additional FAQs

Read the following FAQs for other interesting information.

How to make concrete in Minecraft Survival?

Crafting concrete in Minecraft Survival is no different than crafting it in other versions of the game:

• Put one dye, four gravel blocks and four sand blocks in the crafting menu.

• This will give you a block of concrete powder. Put the block on the ground.

• Pour a bucket of water on it and the powder will turn into concrete.

How to turn concrete powder into concrete?

You will need a water source to turn the concrete powder into concrete. So you can place your powder next to the water, use a bucket of water on it, or drop it into the water to get a concrete block.

How to get concrete in Minecraft?

The only way to get concrete in Minecraft is by crafting. Once you have created concrete powder, you can then turn it into a concrete block.

What are the different types of cement blocks?

The term Minecraft uses for cement blocks is concrete powder blocks. Depending on their color, there are up to 16 types of concrete powder. For example, you can make concrete powder blocks purple, red, blue or even lime.

Where to find concrete in Minecraft?

You cannot find concrete in your environment. Instead, after making concrete powder and combining it with water, concrete will form in the same spot where you previously placed the concrete powder.

Showcase your building prowess

While concrete blocks are a staple building item in Minecraft, learning this skill opens the door to a whole host of building options. With this material, you can build stunning roofs and towers that you will be proud of. All you have to do is extract the necessary supplies and decide on the ideal color – the remaining steps will be a breeze.

Is concrete one of your favorite building materials? What buildings have you built using it? Tell us in the comments section below.

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