How to open the console in Gmod

Gmod is a top notch sandbox game where the only limits are your imagination. You can load all the character and item models you want into the game and have full control over their behaviors. However, some gamers might not know that Gmod has a development console that they can enjoy as well.

Since the Developer Console is disabled by default, you will need to enable it manually. After that, anyone with the proper knowledge can use it to perform amazing tasks.

How to open the console

Gmod's console allows players to activate cheats or change the point of view. The first time you install Gmod, it is disabled for all users. That's why we're going to show you how to access the console.

Follow these steps to open the console:

  1. Launch Gmod on your PC.
  2. Go to the game's main menu.
  3. Click on "Options" in the main menu.
  4. Select the “Keyboard” tab.
  5. In this menu, look for the "Advanced" tab.
  6. Click to check the “Enable developer console (~)” option.
  7. Confirm your choice.
  8. Complete the process by clicking on the second “Ok” button.

After that, you can press the tilde button or the “~” key under your Esc key. When you press it, the console will appear on your screen. It is now ready to accept your input.

You invoke the console at any time when using Gmod, whether you are in the main menu or on one of your servers. Typing a command and executing it works regardless of game state.

If you want to disable console access, you can follow all the steps above but uncheck the box. Alternatively, you can bind the console to another key. It is mandatory to do this if you are using a non-English keyboard.

Here's how to link the console:

  1. Launch Steam on your PC.
  2. Go to your Steam games list and search for Garry's Mod.
  3. Right click on Gmod.
  4. Click on “Properties”.
  5. When the window appears, select "Set launch options".
  6. Another window will appear.
  7. Type + bind xxx "toggleconsole", where xxx is the key of your choice.
  8. After reconnecting the console, you can view it even if you are using a non-English keyboard.

Gmod console commands

There are a variety of console commands, and they come in handy for modifying aspects of the game. Let's start with some general commands for the Source Engine console, which also work identically in Gmod.

  • lier
  • change level
  • connect
  • ent_create
  • ent_fire
  • kill
  • no clips
  • le mot de passe
  • stop sounds
  • Buddha

You can use these general commands for different situations. For example, the "noclip" command allows you to go anywhere on the map. Traversing floors and flying becomes possible after executing this command. After running the code, you'll need to press the V key to start cutting through the environment again.

The "connect" command will allow you to connect to a server. You will need to enter the server hosts IP address after the command itself. When your friend has a private server, you will need to use this method to access it.

The "buddha" command is fun to wield, as you lose health but don't die. Unlike the "god" command, which makes you immortal and invincible.

These are some of the most common universal Source commands. You can even use them in other games such as Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2 which run on the same engine as Gmod.

Here are some Gmod-specific commands you can run:

  • gm_clearfonts
  • gm_giveswep
  • gm_gridsize
  • gm_showhelp
  • gm_showspare1
  • gm_showspare2
  • gm_showteam
  • gm_snapdegrés
  • gm_snaptogrid
  • gm_spawn
  • gm_spawnsent
  • gm_spawnswep
  • gm_spawnvehicle
  • -gm_special
  • +gm_special
  • gmod_admin_cleanup
  • gmod_camera
  • gmod_cleanup
  • gmod_drawhelp
  • gmod_npc_weapon
  • gmod_physiterations
  • gmod_spawnnpc
  • gmod_tool
  • gmod_toolmode
  • gmod_undo
  • gmod_undonum
  • gmod_vehicle_viewmode

With these commands, there are worlds of possibilities available. Some of the examples above can change camera angles, give weapons to NPCs, and spawn in various entities. Feel free to experiment with the tips above.

Appearance in arms

When you use the "ent_create" command and add the item name after the code, you generate the item in your session. The command is commonly used to spawn in various weapons, and here are some default weapons you can materialize through the console.

  • ent_create arme_alyxgun
  • ent_create weapon_357
  • ent_create arms_stunstick
  • ent_create arme_crowbar
  • ent_create physcannon_weapon
  • ent_create arme_crossbow
  • ent_create weapon_bugbait
  • ent_create arms_smg1
  • ent_create arme_striderbuster
  • ent_create shotgun_weapon
  • ent_create arms_rpg
  • ent_create gun_weapon
  • ent_create arms_frag
  • ent_create arms_ar2
  • ent_create weapon_annabelle

These weapons are mostly from the Half-Life 2 series. Since both games run on the same engine, conjuring up these firearms and melee weapons is relatively straightforward. The moment you run these commands, you can retrieve the object immediately.

Why use the console?

The console is the only way for players to modify Gmod and customize it to their preference. The standard settings aren't going to cut it because they're constrained. However, using the console requires knowledge of the Source engine and Gmod commands.

Fortunately, the console is relatively user-friendly. When you type a letter, a drop-down menu containing several commands appears. They start with the letter you typed first.

As you add more letters, the list gets smaller. This way you can narrow down your command choices and find the command you want.

Some websites contain all source engine commands. With over a thousand of them, including variations, you only have to choose the essentials. However, there is no harm in keeping the hypertext list handy.

The full list of commands may contain specific tips and commands you want to use, and the website also has short descriptions. There's no need to guess what the codes do when their functions are laid bare in plain sight.

Nothing can kill me now

With "god" or "buddha", you live forever in Gmod, and no damage will kill you. There are plenty of other commands you can execute, thanks to the flexibility of the game. As a blank slate, Gmod really lets players let their imaginations run wild.

What commands do you use frequently? Do you think Gmod is perfect for making your imagination come true? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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