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One cool feature that seems to be quite underrated in the world's favorite chat app, Telegram, is the ability to pin a message. Pinning messages keeps them at the top of your chat list, giving you quick and easy access to them. You can pin your private chats or those of groups, and it's really convenient.

People frequently pin posts. These are usually conversation threads they want to come back to, or when people send links they don't have time to check right away. Users pin the chat, quickly access it, and then unpin it when they've done what they want. Groups also often pin important messages to ensure that every member has a chance to read them.

How to pin a message in Telegram

It is relatively simple to pin a message in Telegram, so it is often used. You can pin chats between individuals or groups, and the process is the same.

  1. Open the chat you want to pin in Telegram.
  2. Tap the chat until a pop-up window appears.
  3. Select “Pin,” then choose whether you want to let all parties know you pinned it.
  4. Confirm your action by pressing “PIN. »
  5. Your chat stays at the top of your message screen, ready to use. When you don't need it anymore, just press the "X" icon and select “Detach. »

That's not all you can do with Telegram chats. Here are some other Telegram tips and tricks that will boost your experience.

Edit sent messages in Telegram

An unusual but welcome feature of Telegram is the ability to edit messages, even after sending them. If you're sending a group message or a conversation with a critical person and you spot a glaring typo, you can access that message and edit it after the fact.

  1. Open the chat you want to edit in Telegram.
  2. Long press on chat.
  3. Select "Edit" (pencil icon) in the pop-up box.
  4. Make your change and press the " record " icon (check mark icon).

The message is edited for everyone, and a pencil icon indicates that the message has also been edited.

Reply to messages from your home screen in Telegram

As you can respond to SMS notifications from your phone's "Home" screen, you can do the same in Telegram. You have to activate the feature first, but if you usually respond quickly, it can save you precious seconds.

  1. Open Telegram and select " Settings. »
  2. Select “Notifications and Sounds”.
  3. Enable notifications for chats.

This setting displays a notification on your "Home" screen when you receive a message. You can then tap that message and reply directly.

Read telegram messages without informing the sender

If curiosity gets the better of you and you can't wait to read a message but don't have time for a long conversation, you can secretly read Telegram messages. The process is the same as for other chat apps: use airplane mode.

  1. Allow Telegram to download the message as usual.
  2. Light up " Airplane mode " in your phone.
  3. Open and read your Telegram message.
  4. Close Telegram until you want the read receipt to be sent.

Using “Airplane Mode” is an old trick but still useful.

How to hide the last time you were on Telegram

There are times when you sneak into Telegram, but you don't want some friends to know about it. The reasons are many and probably all valid, so it's good that you can hide the "Last Seen" setting.

  1. Open Telegram and select " Settings. »
  2. Select " Privacy and Security ".
  3. Edit “Last seen and online. »

In the “Last Seen” setting, you can choose who sees what and can even add exceptions to any rules you set. It's a neat little feature that comes in handy sometimes.

Sort your chats by hashtags

If you have a large group in Telegram, it can be useful to sort all your conversations with hashtags. These work the same way as on Twitter. You can quickly search for particular hashtags. The process is ideal for busier groups.

  1. Open a message in Telegram.
  2. Press the "vertical ellipsis" (three dots icon) in the upper right section to access the search option.
  3. Type the "Hashtag" (#) character followed by a significant term.

You can now search using this hashtag, just like other people in the group.

Stop autoplaying GIFs in Telegram

A lot of people don't like GIFs. They find them incredibly boring and not so funny most of the time. The ability to stop them from automatically playing and flickering or moving around your phone is invaluable. Here's how to enable the setting.

  1. Open Telegram and select Settings.
  2. Press “Data and Storage”.
  3. To toggle "Autoplay GIF" to off.

Now you can enjoy a GIF-free Telegram experience. You can still play GIFs when you select them, but they won't blink annoyingly until you manually trigger them.

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