How to Quote Someone on Discord

Discord is a free chat app used by gamers around the world. Since its launch in 2015, millions of gamers have come together to build communities around their favorite games, projects, and other ideas on the platform.

How to Quote Someone on Discord

Due to the app's focus on chat, players can use all sorts of formatting features such as bold, italics, underline, and many more directly integrated through markdown. These additions help users express themselves better and ensure that Discord remains a personality-based space.

However, one feature that users consistently seek out in Discord is the ability to quote others. The business alternative to Discord, Slack, has this feature, as do several other chat apps. For a long time, Discord users had bad luck when it came to quoting other users, having to resort to code blocks or fancy chatbots.

Luckily, that changed last year! We're happy to update this article in 2022 with the good news that quoting is now a built-in Discord feature. This is how it works.

How to Quote Messages in Discord

You can quote other Discord users across all platforms (iOS, Android, and desktop) using the same kinds of methods. We're going to focus on mobile-Discord in this tutorial, although the citation techniques are essentially the same. Multi-line quoting is slightly different on desktop (it's easier, actually) but otherwise the process works exactly the same.

Single line quotes on Discord

Single line quotes on Discord are used when you want to quote something that only takes up a single line of text. This means that there are no line breaks; your fingers never touch the Come back button on your keyboard.

For a single-line quote, simply type the “>” symbol, followed by a space and your quote. Here's what it should look like in the app:

How to Quote Someone on Discord

Multi-line quotes on Discord

Multi-line quotes are used when you need to quote something that contains line breaks, such as a series of paragraphs. You can do this by simply typing ">" in front of each new paragraph you want to quote, although this can obviously get boring after a while.

As a workaround, you can just type ">>>" followed by a space at the beginning of your post to make whatever you type in that post part of the quote. The only way to leave this quote is to send the message and start a new one or backspace the ">>>". It will look like this on the app:

How to Quote Someone on Discord

You may remember we said that multi-line quotes worked a little differently on desktop? This is because ">" and ">>>" both make multi-line quotes by default. To make it a one-line quote, press Come back and Going back to return to normal text.

And that's all! That's all there is to know about Discord quoting for now.

Use code blocks to quote someone on Discord

Although there is no dedicated quote system in Discord, you can use the code block feature to achieve a very similar effect.

Normally this is used to highlight code in a long list of lines, but because it's so simple to do it might as well be used as a quote function. To do this, simply enclose the phrase you want to quote between two return symbols “`”.

How to Quote Someone on Discord

Example: ` The quote ` (Type this without the spaces between the text and the return tick).

How to Quote Someone on Discord

By doing this, the sentence will be inserted into a block of code. While not ideal for someone wanting a quote, the format is incredibly similar to this one. You can also make them multiline for texts that span a few different levels.

That said, while there is no traditional method of quoting, some Discord admins may install a bot that enables quotes and other features. This bot should be added to every channel it's used in, but it's worth it for those who want to cite others.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important for effective text communication to stylize certain words. Here are some other answers to your most frequently asked questions:

How do I speak directly to someone in a group chat?

When communicating with people in a Discord channel, you may need to message one person rather than the whole group. If you want to send a private message to someone, you can do so by tapping on their username. But, if you want to message that person in the channel, you can do that too. u003cbru003eu003cbru003e Just type the [email protected] before entering their username. A list will appear and you can select the contact from there, or type in the full name. When the message appears in the group chat, their name will be highlighted, indicating that the message is specifically for them.

Why don't quotes work?

Too often we see frustrated users trying to manipulate text using single quotes. Most users think that markdown just doesn't work. In Discord markdown, more often than not, you need to use a backtick symbol that looks like a single quote but it's actually not the same thing. It accompanies the tilde key which is also incredibly useful for Discord markdowns.

Can I use bots to help with quotes?

Yes absolutely. There are several bots available online that you can add to your Discord server and allow quotes. As long as you own it or have admin rights, you can add a bot to make it easier for you. U003CBR003CBR003EU003CBRU003CA HREF = U0022HTTPS: // and U003CA HREF = U0022HTTPS: // Your Examples BotU003C / AU003E can add both servers. They are specifically designed for this function, but you may find that one of the bots you already own allows this function as well.

Legendary Customization

Luckily, there are all sorts of ways to customize the Discord platform. Various themes are integrated, with the possibility of modifying the size of the fonts, the zoom of the text, etc.

Those looking for additional customization can install BetterDiscord – a modded version of Discord that allows users to upload custom themes and tweak other aspects of the platform. Fortunately, Discord has an open API, so anyone can create their own versions of the social app.

What's great about Discord is that users are only limited by their creativity. If someone knows how to code and can manipulate the existing language, they can do whatever they want on the platform. Plus, most creators end up putting their creations online, available for free for anyone to try.

Additionally, Discord has evolved from a simple chat app to a space where developers can sell their games. Who knows if they'll end up implementing a quote feature or some other kind of update that people will love in the near future.

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