How to Record Screen on a Chromebook

Due to their lightness, compactness and affordability, Chromebooks are becoming a popular device not only for simple office tasks but also for recording videos. With distance learning and online meetings becoming the norm, screen recording on a Chromebook is definitely a great option.

In this article, we are going to show you some ways to record your screen on a Chromebook.

Record your screen with built-in Chrome utilities

There are several ways to record screens on a Chromebook. You can use built-in features, Chrome extensions, Android apps, and even Linux apps.

Now that Chromebooks finally have a built-in utility, let's see how to use it.

  1. Click on the system tray, then select the Screenshot button. You can also type Ctrl + Alt + Presentation to raise the Screenshot menu.
  2. Now click on the camera toggle on the left side of the menu.
  3. If you also want to record your microphone, click on the settings icon and press the button Record Microphone rocker switch.
  4. For a full-screen capture, select the rectangle beside the camera toggle button.
  5. Then tap anywhere on the screen to start recording. There is a 3 second countdown before it starts.
  6. Click the red stop icon to end your recording.

Recording via Chrome extensions

Arguably the most reliable of these options, Chrome extensions might be the option for you. Since the Chromebook is essentially a hardware version of the Chrome browser, it's no surprise that extensions are the way to go.

  1. To install any of the extensions listed here, simply go to the Chrome Web Store or click the Settings menu icon in the upper right corner of your browser, hover over More tools, then click Extensions. Once you're on the extensions page, click the main menu icon at the top left of the page, then click Open Chrome Web Store at the bottom left of the menu.
  2. Type the names of any of the extensions listed below in the search bar, then click the blue button Add to Chrome button to install them.


One of the most recommended screen recording extensions for Chrome is Loom. The app is very easy to use, and even the basic version which is totally free will meet all your basic screen recording needs. It also offers basic video editing tools such as video trimming and adding emoji reactions. You can also archive all the videos you record for later sharing.

More advanced features are of course only available to paid subscribers. With advanced editing tools, security management and team sharing capability. If you want to take professional screen recordings on your Chromebook, you might consider getting at least the Pro plan for $5 per month, but if you only plan to do casual screen recordings, the free plan should. be sufficient for your needs.

Castify screen

Another highly recommended screen recording extension is Screen Castify. Its free version has many more features than Loom, such as the ability to draw on the screen and make annotations. You can also export the video as an MP4, gif, or MP3 file, and you also have the option of posting the video directly to YouTube. Any video you record is also automatically saved to your Google Drive.

Screen Castify has also removed the watermark that used to appear on its screen, which was once an annoyance to some people. What holds it back, however, is the five-minute video recording limit for its free users. The video editing tool is also limited to a three-day trial, after which you are limited to only cutting the lengths of the video. The full suite of features can be unlocked if you purchase the Pro plan, which it offers for $49 per year per person.

Improving Chromebook Capabilities

With recent additions to built-in utilities, Chromebooks can be a very useful tool, especially with the right extensions to increase its functionality. As Chrome extensions for screen recording capabilities become more versatile, their capabilities also enhance the Chromebook.

Do you have any other tips on how to record your screen on a Chromebook? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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