How to recover Snapchat footage

One of Snapchat's many entertainment features includes "Snapstreak". With Snapstreak, you commit to sending someone at least one photo or video within 24 hours every day. The goal is to achieve the highest streak score by maintaining daily trading.

Although Snapchat reminds you if your streak is about to expire (when no snap has been sent within 24 hours), a broken streak can't always be repaired. If this has happened to you, read on to find out how to restore your footage.

In addition to getting your Snapstreak back, our FAQ explains how to maintain a streak and what the streak score is for the longest streak to date.

How to retrieve a sequence in Snapchat

Sometimes the reason for a Snapstreak ending gets out of hand.

If you think you've followed the Snapstreak rules and your streak has expired by mistake, follow these steps from your Snap account to start the recovery process:

  1. Open Snapchat and sign in to your account.
  2. Tap “Settings”.
  3. Towards the bottom, go to the "Supports" section.
  4. Tap "I need help" and then tap "Snapstreaks".
  5. From "What if my Snapstreak is gone?" option, choose "Let us know".
  6. Select "My Snapstreaks are missing".
  7. Fill out the form including as much information as possible.
  8. Press "Submit" to submit your form.

If the hourglass emoji was displayed before your streak ended, it's likely that Snapchat won't be able to help you. However, you can strengthen your case to retrieve it in the "What information do we need to know" section of the form.

Or from the Snapchats support page:

  1. Go to Snapchat Support.
  2. Select "Contact us".
  3. Under the “How can we help you” section, choose “My Snapstreaks are missing”.
  4. Complete the form including as much detail as possible.
  5. Press "Send" to submit.

If the hourglass emoji was displayed before your streak was complete, Snapchat might not be able to help you. You can support your recovery case in the "What information do we need to know" section of the form.

How do streaks work?

A Snapstreak is formed when you and your friend exchange direct snaps (not chat) within 24 hours for more than three consecutive days. Once certain streak thresholds are crossed, you will receive these unique emojis:

  • The Fire Emoji: This sign will appear after the three day mark to confirm you're on a Snapstreak.
  • The 100 Emoji: This sign appears after you've been on a Snapstreak for 100 consecutive days.
  • The mountain emoji: There is a mystery about this prize since Snapchat has not confirmed its threshold to receive it. Snapchatters claimed to have seen it at some point during an unusually long streak.

All emojis are displayed next to your Snapstreak partner's name, along with the total number of consecutive days. If you miss a day, it will be reset.

You will continue to see different emojis throughout your Snapstreak. Keep an eye out for the hourglass emoji, indicating that your Snapstreak is about to expire. If you want to continue, send a snap to your friend or ask them to send you one.

What won't count for your Snapstreak

The following five types of interactions will not be taken into account in your Snapstreak:

  • Chat: Text chat between you and your Snapstreak partner will not count in your sequence.
  • Group chats: Snapchat will not include snaps set on a group chat to your Snapstreak. Snaps must be submitted individually.
  • Stories: Daily story recordings won't count in your Snapstreak, even if your friend is viewing the story.
  • Shows: If you use Snapchat glasses to send content to your streak friend, it will not increase the Snapstreak.
  • Memories: Sharing Memories with your Serial Friend won't count as a Snapstreak interaction.

To keep your Snapstreak going, keep it simple. Only send photo or video content to each other.

Is there a Snapchat support number that I can call?

Unfortunately, Snapchat does not have a support phone number. For questions answered and troubleshooting, you will need to contact them through their “Contact Us” web page.

Maintain your snapshots

The Snapstreaking feature not only keeps you engaged on the platform, but it's also likely to bring out your competitive side. The platform helps with a numbered streak display and reminders when a snap hasn't been sent within 24 hours. In case you're wondering how you stack up, check out who currently holds the record for longest Snapchat streak.

While you and your partner may be on your A-game, issues beyond your control such as connectivity issues can arise that can cause Snapchat to end your streak.

Luckily, in a missed snap scenario, where neither party was at fault, you can ask Snapchat to restore your streak and continue where you left off.

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