How to remove a device from Netflix: deactivate and disconnect your account on unwanted devices

Netflix is ​​an online streaming giant, but what do you do when too many devices are activated on your account? What about when you want to remove a device someone is using to access your account? There is no limit to the number of devices you can have on Netflix, but there is a limit to the number of devices that can stream at the same time. The limit is based on your subscription: Basic is one, Standard is two, and Premium is four as of September 2022. These limits do not apply to different movies or shows; they're meant to watch everything at once, even if it's the same stream.

You may have many devices in your household and you are having trouble when your family or friends try to use Netflix at the same time.

Maybe you shared your ID with someone outside your home and don't want them to access your Netflix account anymore?

Regardless of your Netflix device count situation, you may have considered deleting specific devices to help control limit issues or prevent someone from using your account.

Unfortunately, you cannot remove devices from your Netflix account; you can only activate them. This scenario means you can have 500 devices or 15. They will all work on your Netflix account, affecting your maximum simultaneous device viewing limit and giving all users access at all times.

If you think you can use your account to sign out of specific devices (since you can't delete them individually), you'll have to think again.

Unfortunately, you also cannot sign out of specific devices from your Netflix account. Plus, you also can't prevent them from logging in again unless you change the password. However, you can Sign out of all devices using your account, then change your password. This process forces all devices to reconnect to get any access.

Regardless of the limitations of signing out and unauthorized account access, there is a legal fix you can do to help narrow down or control which devices are using your Netflix account. Also, there is another workaround that you can use at your own risk, known as online parties. Here's the scoop.

How to Sign Out of All Devices on Netflix

Since you cannot sign out of individual devices from your Netflix account, you can sign out of all devices by following the steps below.

  1. Connect to your “Netflix Account” from any web browser on any device.
  2. Choose your main profile by clicking on the "profile icon" or " Last name. »
  3. Click on your "profile icon" in the top right section, then select " Account. »
  4. In the “PARAMETERS” section, click on “Sign out of all devices. »
  5. Confirm your choice to sing on all devices.

By following the steps above, all devices must now reconnect to Netflix to use the service.

How to change your password

Another critical step in securing your account and controlling device access and usage limit is changing your password. This way, all devices need the new login credentials to connect and stream.

To change your Netflix password, follow these steps:

  1. From the account page, click " Change Password. »

2. Now enter your " Current Password " and " New Password " in the text boxes below.

Click "Save" when finished.

Assuming you use a password stronger than your dog's name and the year you were born, you should be good to go. No device can connect unless you provide the new password.

Host a Watch Party on Netflix to Control Viewing Device Limits

Rather than manually logging out of every device registered in Netflix or logging out of everyone from your Netflix account, you can host a watch party to help reduce concurrent viewing and account access. Of course, this process still requires individual device changes, but it helps if other household members or your friends have Netflix accounts. Yes, as long as each person has a Netflix account, they can join your watch party.

Several online extensions for Chrome (and other browsers) allow you to host a watch party, but Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) is the choice of many users. This extension/add-on has been on Chrome for quite some time, but is now available in Microsoft Edge.

Teleparty is NOT owned or affiliated with Netflix, as many think. Netflix does not endorse or support the extension. Therefore, use Teleparty or any other online party extension at your own risk. Will you get in trouble? The answer is most likely no. Can you get in trouble? You certainly can.

  1. Open "Chrome" ou "Edge" on your desktop or laptop computer (Mac or Windows).
  2. Go to “Chrome” or “Edge” add-on store, search for “Teleparty” and install it.
  3. Make sure your browser is set to sync all extensions or you will need to manually install Teleparty on all desktop/laptop devices using the previous step.
  4. Launch Netflix in the browser (Chrome on any Windows, Mac, or Linux PC) or choose Microsoft Edge (on Windows only).
  5. Open a “Netflix Video” that you want to host in your Netflix party (you can pause it temporarily if you wish), then click on the button “Teleparty icon”. and select “Start the party. »
  6. To choose “Accept and continue” in the pop-up window.
  7. Click on “Copy link,” then paste the link into messages sent to friends and family.
  8. The teleparty session begins. You can control media, place comments in chat, and see current status reports, such as paused, resumed, etc.

By following the steps above, you can restrict device access to your Netflix account, thereby removing specific devices from your Netflix account. But remember, each user must have a Netflix account to access your online Netflix party.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I remove someone from my account?

Technically, you're not deleting someone from your Netflix account because you can't. You are

How will I know if someone else is using my account?

You can check connected devices from the account page. You'll also see content you haven't watched in the seen recently section of your account settings.

Another way to tell if someone is using your account is if Netflix makes weird recommendations (like cartoons or thrillers you never watch). Also, if you can't stream because your simulcast limit has been reached, then yes, someone is online and currently watching.

Finally, if your account information has changed, such as email address or password, the problem is more serious. This would indicate that someone hacked and hacked into your account. Immediately change the email address and password, sign out of all devices using the steps above, and contact Netflix (send screenshots of changes if possible).

I only want to delete one device, are there other options?

Via Netflix, you can only remove individually downloaded devices, not actual devices, unless you remove them all using the "Sign out from all devices" option. But, if the device is on your home wifi network and your router allows you to block content, you can log into your router settings and block a particular device from using Netflix on your wifi.

Of course, you can also log out of the Netflix account on the device itself if you have it available. Following the same instructions as above, tap on the “Sign Out” option in the menu. If you no longer want this device to reconnect to your account, change the password for added security.

In most cases, this isn't the best workaround because it only works if the unwanted device is connected to a router that allows you to perform this process. But, it will work if you have kids or siblings in your house that you want to boot from Netflix and any other app or service.

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