How to remove the crown on Discord

It sure is good to be the king. You are the owner and leader of a hierarchy, which means you set all the rules that those who want to stay in your "kingdom" must follow. There's even an accompanying wreath that promotes recognition to accompany all your royal duties.

The same can be said for a Discord server owner. You are the leader of your potential community and, as such, you inherit all responsibilities (life or death) when it comes to leading it. Crown included.

Currently, as it stands, the crown icon cannot be toggled on or off. It is a permanent feature while using the basic features that Discord offers its users. However, there is a workaround to remove the crown from your username and essentially disable it on the surface.

What does the crown mean?

In Discord, a crown is an icon displayed next to the name of Admin users on a server. All you have to do to see this icon is navigate to your server and look at the member list on the right. Here you will see all your server members and your crown badge.

This crown symbolizes who controls the server and shows others who is in charge and who they can contact if there is a problem. For some, this comes with a sense of pride or responsibility, while others may want to monitor their servers undetected or disturbed.

When a new Discord server is created, the leader will automatically have a gold crown displayed next to their username in the member list box.

How to remove the crown icon

If you really want to ditch that sweet crown that tells your members they must/bow before they can address you in text chat, that's what you'll have to do.

You can also create the role for your other administrators, including yourself, if you prefer to share responsibilities with other members of your community. Whichever choice you make, it must be a role with administrator privileges, and here's how to do it:

  1. Open your Discord server and tap the arrow icon in the top left.
  2. Click on Server settings in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on The roles.
  4. Click on a role.
  5. Toggle the switch next to View role members separately from online members to. Then click Save changes basically.
  6. Refresh Discord using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R (or CMD+R). The Crown icon will no longer appear next to your name in the member list.

Notes: If the crown remains, go to each role and turn off the switch.

You can also create a completely new role with admin privileges that is just a dummy role. This means that you have no other use for the role apart from the topic of the article.

  1. Launch Discord from the browser or desktop app and log in with your credentials.
  2. With the Discord window open, look at the list of servers on the left. Select the server you own and click on it to retrieve it.
  3. Then go to Server settings.
    • You can do this by clicking on the server name, located at the top left of the central console. It will be a drop-down list. Click on it to open it and then click on Server settings from the list.
  4. In the right menu, locate and click on “Roles”. The window will be available on the right.
  5. In the new window, you should see a list of your roles. To the right of the “ROLES” header, you will find a “+” icon. Click this icon to create a new role.
  6. Your role will need a name, so you need to give it one. Color matters less if it's just a dummy account, but if you want to color code your roles, go ahead and pick one from the available ones.
  7. In the "ROLE SETTINGS" section, enable the switch "Show role members separately from online members".
  8. Next, under the “GENERAL PERMISSIONS” section, enable the “Administrator” switch.
  9. When you toggle the switches, a popup will appear from the bottom informing you "Warning, you have unsaved changes!" " Click on Save changes once you are done.
  10. Close Discord and reopen it.

If the crown is still visible, add the role to yourself by:

  1. Return to your Discord server's server settings.
  2. In the left menu, click Members.
    • You can find it in the “USER MANAGEMENT” section.
  3. In the opened window, locate your name and click on the '+' icon to its right.
  4. In the options, locate the newly created administrator role and click on it.
    • If you have many roles to choose from, you can type the role name in the text field provided to find it faster.

You are now assigned the role and your crown should disappear.

Understand that at any time you provide another member with this particular role they will also have administrative powers and permissions. They will be able to bypass channel permissions and create all new roles if they wish. The only thing they can't do is take down the server or dethrone you. So no coups d'etat to fear, but it still gives a lot of power to someone who may not be able to take responsibility. Never give it to anyone you can't fully trust.

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