How to reroll in Arknights

You stumbled upon Arknights, installed it and opened the game. Then you finally rolled banners. Did you have a specific fall in mind but were unlucky? Unfortunately, with gacha-style systems, it's all about luck.

However, there is nothing to fear when you are only at the beginning of your Arknights journey. You can easily choose to re-roll as many times as necessary until you are happy with what lands.

For clarification, "re-roll" is not an in-game option. Instead, it's about creating a new account to re-roll the banners from scratch. If you want to try, you've come to the right place. This guide will show you how to reroll for iPhone, Android and Bluestacks.

How to Reroll in Arknights on the iPhone

Here are the instructions for successfully rerolling in Arknights using an iPhone:

  1. After opening Arknights, you must log in as a guest.
  2. Continue to complete or skip tutorial battles. You can withdraw from battles by clicking on the cog wheel located at the top left.
  3. Collect the gifts to reroll first.
  4. Choose your favorite banner. The default recommendation is the 6-star banner.
  5. Go to the home page and continue by clicking on the gear icon to open the settings.
  6. Then go to "Account" and click "Link." “Use a valid Gmail address, ideally a fictitious address for fictitious accounts. You can use the same Gmail for the following links by putting a number after it. To simplify, it must match the raise attempt. An example is "[email protected]" for the second attempt.
  7. Log out via the same Account tab each time you link an account.
  8. Logging out will take you to the start screen, where you will find the "Account Management" button.
  9. Log in again as a guest to repeat the process if you are not satisfied with the rolls.

Note that iOS may throw a relaunch error due to save data not being deleted after the player tries to reinstall the game to relaunch.

The reason for linking to the email is that it's necessary because you can't log out as a guest. All codes for new accounts are sent to the base email. Remember that after you get the roll you want, you need to link that account to another email instead of the fake one, because fake accounts + number can cause problems when it comes to unlinking them anymore late.

Never forget to link your main account. Otherwise, you will lose saved data as well as potentially good rolls.

How to Relaunch Arknights on an Android Device

The following instructions are for Arknights rerolls for Android devices:

  1. Open the Arknights app. Then log in as a guest.
  2. Track by completing or skipping tutorial battles.
  3. Collect the free gifts to be revived.
  4. Choose a banner. The 6 star banner is the one most players choose.
  5. Go to the home screen, go ahead and open the settings or click on the cog icon.
  6. Select "Account" and click "Link". Use a valid Gmail address, ideally a fictitious one.
  7. Log out now via the same Account tab. Do this each time you link a new account.
  8. You will see the splash screen again after logging out. This is where you will find the "Account Management" button.
  9. You are ready to log back in as a guest if you are unhappy with your rolls.

Remember to use the same Gmail for subsequent links. You can do this by putting a number after your email address, but it must match the follow-up attempt. An example would be “[email protected]” for the third try.

Alternatively, you can erase Arknights data on your Android. Wiping data allows players to reuse guest accounts. Here's how to start:

  1. Close the Arknights app.
  2. Go to Arknights app settings and clear app data and cache.
  3. Reset the Google Advertising ID on your Android device by going to Settings, Google (Google Services), Ads. In ads, select "Reset Advertising ID".
  4. Open Arknights to reroll.

You can also opt to simply uninstall and reinstall the game instead of clearing the data. A downside to both is that you will have to wait for your available internet speed to download app data.

Codes for new accounts are sent to the base email, so it is necessary to link an email as you cannot log out as a guest. Don't forget to link your main account, because you could lose saved data.

Also remember that you need to link this account to another email account after you get the desired roll. Practice accounts using the "+ number" can cause problems when you want to unlink them later.

How to reroll in Arknights on Bluestacks

Since Bluestacks uses Android, similar instructions apply here.

  1. Open Arknights and log in as a guest.
  2. Skip or read the tutorial.
  3. Collect the Newcomer and Login rewards, as these will allow you to reroll quickly.
  4. When it comes to banners, it is recommended to opt for the 6-star banner.
  5. Go to the home tab after riding and open the settings menu.
  6. Go to "Account" and select "Link". Link the guest account using a fake Gmail address.
  7. It is possible to use the same e-mail address for your subsequent links when you put a number after them. Ideally, it should be the same as your current dunning address. For example, you can use "[email protected]" for the fourth attempt.
  8. Once the binding is successful, it's time to log out via the Account tab.
  9. You will see the splash screen and the "Account Management" option.
  10. You can now log back in as a guest and repeat the process.

Practice account codes are always sent to the primary email. Once you get the roll you want, be sure to link that account to another email and not a fake email, as this may cause unlinking issues later.

Linking to an email is necessary because you cannot log out as a guest. Be sure to link your main account, or you risk losing saved data, including your reels.

How to reroll faster in Arknights

Rerolling faster involves skipping tutorial battles. Skipping battles is simple to do using the gear wheel icon. Also, when you have a specific banner in mind, it certainly speeds things up.

Salt-enabled email providers are essential for quick retry bindings. When an email provider uses Salt, like Google email accounts, it means they can use the same base email multiple times for registration at the same registration point. By the way, what you write after the + can be numbers and letters, although numbers are better because they can help you keep track of multiple raises. It is not the same as having multiple emails because when a salted email receives mail, it is redirected to the base email.

If you are using Android and your internet connection is fast and installation speed is fast, you can consider using "Reset Advertising ID" method.

To use this method, start by closing the Arknights application. Go to app settings and clear its data and cache. After that, you need to reset the Google Advertising ID by going to Settings -> Google (Google Services) -> Ads. Once this process is complete, you can relaunch again.

Typically, using this Android method can take a while, so the email address method should be your go-to option regardless of platform. Whatever email provider you use, make sure it's a salt service provider. Since Gmail accounts can use salts, they are suitable for rerolling.

Rerolling is only natural in Arknights

Rerolls are part of the game world of the gacha system. While reviving is recommended when looking for a character that will make your early game more manageable, you may want to use this method sparingly. In many games, including Arknights, the focus is on the game. Training the resulting characters as well as collecting materials for future draws is part of the process.

Eventually, these future draws will allow you to get characters you had your eye on, so there's no need to prioritize rerolling. As the saying goes, “where there is no remedy, there is patience”.

What ideal raise are you aiming for? How has the gacha system treated you so far? Let us know in the comment section below.

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