How to See Recently Deleted Apps on Android

If you find yourself in a bind trying to recover an app that has been deleted from your Android device, don't worry. App recovery is actually much easier than recovering photos and other data.

There are many reasons why you might need to recover app data that has been deleted. Often people delete apps only to find that they need the app again, but can't remember its name.

You may also have had to perform a factory reset, which removes all the apps you have installed on your device.

There are also instances where apps are accidentally deleted by the owner or someone else with access to the phone.

Whatever the reason, this article shows you the options you have to view recently deleted apps and possibly recover them and the data they contain.

View and Recover Deleted Apps Using Google Play

The easiest way to access your deleted apps is already on your device. The Google Play app keeps track of the apps you've downloaded and lets you view your app history. Follow these simple instructions.

  1. Open the Google Play app on your device.
  2. Press the " burger icon (☰) » to the left of the search bar: You can also swipe right anywhere on the screen to access the menu.
  3. In the menu, press “My apps and games. »
  4. Select the " Library " at the top of the screen which displays all previous and current downloaded apps.

From there, browse the list to find the app you want to recover. You can sort the list alphabetically or by date to make your search easier. Organizing by date shows the most recent apps first. If you are looking for an old deleted app, try searching down.

It's important to point out that the app list applies to your Google Account and all of your devices, not just the one you're currently using. Every app you have downloaded on any device is displayed in the list, so it's a handy tool.

Another important note to remember is that a paid app can be used on any Google device, not just the device of purchase. If you use the Google Play library method to recover the apps you purchased, you won't have to pay for them anymore.

If you need to dig deeper into your device history, PhoneRescue is a robust recovery tool for Android devices. The software does much more than show your lost app data. It can also restore a variety of deleted content. The manufacturer claims that it works on just about any Android device. The software is free to try, but you may need to purchase a license if you want to continue using it.

First, download PhoneRescue on your desktop computer. You read correctly ; this software works from your computer. Launch the app and you'll see some quick tips on how to use it. Use your phone's USB cable to connect your Android device to the PC. You will be prompted to perform simple tasks such as enabling USB debugging and rooting your phone. The software will guide you pretty quickly.

After the preliminaries are done, choose the data types you want to recover. There is a wide range of file types that PhoneRescue can access. However, you want to make sure you check « Documents d’applications » On the menu. From there, click " Next, " and you will receive a full report of what was recovered. The software allows you to recover data directly to your device, which is a great time saver. You might find some of your other data got mixed up, but you should see the apps you deleted.

Find apps in the Galaxy Store

You may not have found the app you were looking for in the Google Play Store. If you are a Samsung user, another inbuilt app store is available on your phone. Assuming you have logged into your Galaxy account, you can find your missing app there.

Depending on how crowded your app drawer is on your phone, do a quick search of the Galaxy Store by swiping up from the bottom of your phone or tapping the "Apps" icon. Type "Galaxy Store" in the search bar and select the application.

Tap the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner. To speed up the search process, toggle the “Show installed apps” option to “Disabled. »

Scroll down the list of apps and tap the download icon to retrieve your missing app.

What to do if all apps are missing

The Android operating system (operating system) can be a strange and peculiar thing. If all your apps disappeared randomly, there are usually a handful of reasons. The first is that you could have deleted them all accidentally. To check for accidental deletion, put your phone in safe mode. On many Android devices, press and hold the physical power button until the power off option appears on the screen, then long press "Power off" and choose
"Safe Mode" when it appears.

Your phone will restart. If all your apps reappear, you have a software problem. Most of the time, this situation is due to a Launcher. In safe mode, go to your phone's settings and search for launchers. If it's the one you want to keep, clear cache and data, then restart your phone. If it's the one you didn't download intentionally, uninstall it. After that, all your apps should reappear when your phone restarts.

Accidental deletion from Google Play Store

It is not completely unheard of that the Google Play Store suddenly disappears from your Android device. Fortunately, he is still there. The Google Play Store is a preloaded app, so you cannot completely uninstall it from your phone.

All you have to do is head to " Settings " on your phone and press "Applications" or « Applications, » depending on the Android version you are using. Search and select « Google Play Store » in the list of apps on your phone.

Then press “Activate. » Your Google Play Store will reappear on your home screen.

The most common reason for the Play Store to disappear is when you have actually disabled it on your device. By activating it, you brought it back to life.

In conclusion, it's always a good idea to set your device settings to back up your data to Google's servers. This will make lost apps much easier to find during problematic events in the future.

Android Apps Deleted FAQ

I had an APK, but I can't find it now. What is happening?

APKs are kits of Android packages or files that help you install apps. Many Android users download APKs because the apps are not released yet or they provide more functionality and freedom than the monitored apps in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, some apps promote illegal piracy activities, which eventually get removed from the App Store. If you're trying to recover an APK, it's best to do a Google or DuckDuckGo search for the missing or similar app. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOnce located, u003ca href=u0022 download it and set it upu003c/au003e as you would any other APK file.

How can I locate all apps deleted from Android, not just Play Store?

Although you could use any of the above methods to download all your Android apps, it would take a long time. Your best bet is to find a backup and perform a full system recovery. This method comes with some risk, as you will have to factory reset your device, which means you could lose everything, so check a backup first.

Go to "Settings" on your device and tap "Backup" (this may vary depending on your manufacturer). Samsung users can search for Samsung Cloud backup, and LG users should have a similar option. Regardless of the device, every Android user should have a Google backup. Click on the backup, verify that it is a recent date and that your applications, photos, documents, contacts and everything necessary have been stored. Now you can do a factory reset and restore your phone to normal with all apps intact.

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