How to Send Attachments in Messenger

As life becomes more and more virtual, knowing how to successfully send an attachment in your Messenger app, whether for work or personal reasons, has become increasingly important. In this article, we'll give you a step-by-step guide on how to send attachments regardless of your device.

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How to Send Attachments in Messenger on the iPhone App

The great thing about smartphones is that you can receive important information wherever you go. Not only that, but you can also do the delivery yourself. With just a few clicks, you can send as many attachments as you want.

But how is it?

If you use Facebook Messenger on your iPhone, you will notice that you only have the option to directly send photos or video files. If you want to send either of these, here's how:

  1. Open Messenger, then open the conversation you want to send the attachments to.
  2. Tap the “Gallery” icon located on the left side of the text box. Your photos and videos should appear. Tap the one you want to share.
  3. Press "Send".

In addition, on your iPhone, you can send a photo or video in real time by clicking on the "Camera" icon, located next to the "Gallery" icon.

What if you want to send another type of file, like a PDF? Do not worry; We have what you need. Just follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. From your "Home" screen, tap on the "Files" app.
  2. Select the folder where your document is located (e.g. "iCloud", "Google Drive").
  3. Long press the document you want to send. A list of options will appear.
  4. Tap "Share," then choose "Messenger" from the list of options.
  5. From there, you will need to select the contact you want to send the attachment to. Once you have not done so, press "Send".

How to Send Attachments in Messenger on Android App

If you don't have an iPhone, chances are you're an Android user. Facebook took this into account when designing Messenger, so navigating how to send attachments on your Android is relatively straightforward. Here's what you need to do:

To send photos or videos already on your Android.

  1. Open Messenger, then navigate to the conversation you want to send a photo or video attachment to.
  2. To the left of your text box, tap the "Gallery" icon. This will show you all the photos and videos you have saved on your device.
  3. Select the one you want to send. Two buttons will appear. The "EDIT" button gives you the option to draw on an image or crop a video (the crop option is only available on an Android device).
  4. Once you are satisfied with the content, press "Send".

If your goal is to send another type of file to your Android (eg PDF), keep reading.

  1. From your "Home" screen, head to your Google Drive app (or wherever you saved your file on your device).
  2. Select your file and a list of options will appear in front of you.
  3. Choose the “Send a copy” option.
  4. Tap the “Link Sharing” icon, then select the “Chats Messaging” icon.
  5. Choose the contact you want to share the attachment with.
  6. Press "Send".

How to Send Attachments in Messenger from PC

Navigating Messenger is a simple process on your PC. If you want to send files and content, here's how:

  1. Log in to your Messenger account from your desktop.
  2. Open the conversation you want to send your attachment to.
  3. At the bottom left you will see some icons. To send an image or video, select the “Gallery” icon. To send a file, select the "More" icon.
  4. You will then see an additional set of options. To access your files, click on “Add attachments”. From there, you will have access to all the files on your PC.
  5. Select the file you want to send and click "Open". This will add the file you chose to the chat.

Additional FAQs

Why are my attachments not being sent successfully in Messenger?

Have you tried to send an attachment in Messenger, but only encountered an "Attachment not available" error?

The reason may be due to the privacy settings of the content you are sharing. For example, you may be trying to share a photo with friends, but the photo's security settings have already been set to private. You can fix this by going to your Facebook wall and selecting your "News Feed" or "Your Story" options. From there, select the “Public” option from your drop-down menu.

How do I send files in Messenger Lite?

Messenger Lite is a cleaner version of Facebook's main Messenger app. It uses only the essential features needed by any instant messaging service. If you don't want to use a lot of storage on your phone, this app (which only uses 6MB) is ideal for you.

Not only that, but Messenger Lite also gives users an even easier way to send files. This technique is applicable on both your Android or your iPhone.

1. Head to your Messenger Lite app and select the conversation you want to send your attachment to.

2. In the lower left corner, you will notice a “Plus” icon. Press it.

3. You will then see “Video” or “File” option.

4. Select "File", then select "Allow" when prompted to allow access to files on your Android device.

5. Find the file you want to share, then tap "Send".

Why did an attachment sent to me disappear in Messenger?

If an attachment can no longer be viewed in your Messenger app, the person who sent it may have deleted it. Another reason you might not be able to see an attachment someone sent you is that the shared content's privacy settings might not allow it.

In either case, contacting the sender may be your only option to retrieve the attachment.

Follow the trends

In the age of instant messaging, where sharing snippets of our lives has never been quicker or easier, being able to keep up is essential. Once you've mastered the Messenger app, with just a few clicks and taps, you'll be able to share photos, videos, PDFs, and more, no matter what device you're using.

The instant messaging market is also constantly evolving. The folks at Facebook even talked about plans to integrate Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram over the next few years. As our lives become more and more virtual, it is perhaps more important than ever to know how some key features of instant messaging apps work.

Have you tried sending attachments through Messenger? What is your favorite device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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