How to sign or edit a PDF with Adobe Reader

PDF files are by definition documents on which we cannot intervene: generally, we choose this format to avoid later modifications.

However, in some cases you may need to modify a PDF: if you see an error in a document sent to you, for example, but also if you need to sign the document received. All this is possible with Adobe Reader software.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the essential tool for your PDF files. You will be able to read, print, comment, digitally sign, convert PDF files and fill in the forms they contain.

    Through these different tutorials, we simply explain you how to modify a PDF, sign it or even annotate it.

    Adding a handwritten signature to a PDF

    If you use Adobe Reader software to view a PDF document, you can add a handwritten signature to it very easily. To start, you will need to sign on free paper and scan your signature with a scanner, or simply photograph it.

    Then, you should go to the "Fill and Sign" section of your Adobe Reader software. You can even save your signature for quick reuse when you need it.

    When you have imported your signature, just move it over the document to place it in the right place.

    • In practice: How to sign a PDF document manually with Adobe Reader

    Use your stamp on a PDF document

    Adobe Reader software also allows you to add a stamp to a document. Here you can create your personalized stamp without having to leave the software, in a few simple steps.

    If you wish, you can also use pre-existing stamps, already configured in the software ("Approved", "Not Approved", "Confidential", "Cancelled", etc.).

    As every time you work on a PDF document, do not forget to save the changes so that a new version of the file is created with your stamp.

    • In practice: Adobe Reader: how to insert your own stamp in a PDF file

    Edit a PDF with Adobe Reader

    Adobe Reader software allows you to edit PDF files with different features: comments, modifications or additions of elements. You can use comments to easily annotate all documents you process in this format.

    In addition, you also have the option to add shapes, for example to draw attention to an area of text. Finally, there is a function to simply correct faults or errors, crossing out what is inappropriate and proposing its alternative.

    If you prefer, you can also make "free additions" in the form of drawings or freehand text.

    • In practice: Adobe Reader: how to correct, modify or add elements to a PDF file

    As you will have understood, despite its "final" appearance, a PDF document can be modified very easily using the software that is usually used to read these files, Adobe Reader, a practical and versatile program.

    Note that there are also alternative software and ways to edit pdf even when dealing with protected documents. Feel free to ask for help on these manipulations in the software section of the support forum.

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