How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

Most battle royale games require players to collect weapons, but Spellbreak doesn't conform to that pattern. Instead, you'll drop to the ground and pick up gauntlets and runes, battling with magic. It's no wonder the developers ask you to follow a tutorial to learn these systems. Keep reading to find out how to get past the tutorial most efficiently.

How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

How to skip the tutorial in Spellbreak

The long Spellbreak tutorial is to teach you how to fight other players in the game called Breakers. Since there are nine steps in the tutorial, we will divide the guide into nine sections.

Section 1 – Basic Movement

You will learn to move with the WASD keys and to use your mouse to look around you. Your teacher, Avira Emberdane, will guide you through every step of the tutorial. The first step is elementary, heading to a waypoint designated by Avira.

How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

Section Two – Dodging and Levitating

You teleport to the second stage, where Avira asks you to cross a gap. Here are the steps of levitation:

  1. Proceed to the breach at the top of the stairs.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak
  2. Press and hold the space bar, allowing you to jump and levitate.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak
  3. Float through space.
  4. Once you land, this stage ends.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

You can levitate through holes if you have enough Mana. Without Mana, you will fall to your death, so you need to be aware of how much you have left at all times.

Section Three – Getting Familiar with Gauntlets, Spells and Sorceries

This step is the part you might have been waiting for, learning how to fight with magic. Avira will let you use your fire gauntlet to cast fireball spells on enemies. These enemies run from end to end, making it harder to hit them.

How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

Using spells also costs mana, so you'll have to wait until you have enough before releasing the fireballs again. Keep shooting until both enemies are eliminated, or "Exiled" as the game refers to the kill.

Then Avira will set up three enemies further away. Move to her waypoint and she will teach you sorceries. You will learn how to use them.

How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

Sorceries have cooldowns and also cost mana, requiring skill and discipline to master. Use Flamewall Sorcery to exile the three enemy mages. You will need to hold down the button to aim.

How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

Once you've exiled all three mages, you'll complete step 3 of the tutorial.

Section Four – Elements and How They React With Each Other

Avira will give you a toxic gauntlet and you will wear it on your right hand. Here's what will happen next:

  1. Once you have equipped the Toxic Gauntlet, you can use its sorcery.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak
  2. Avira will rain down lightning from above, causing elemental interaction.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak
  3. Use your primary Fire Gauntlet to shoot fireballs to cause even more elemental interactions.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak
  4. After causing these interactions, you will complete this part of the tutorial.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

Different elements interact with each other differently, and what you just saw are just two examples. As long as you have additional elements, you can continue to cause elemental interactions.

Section Five - Using Runes

Runes are considered "equipment" and give you access to a third activated skill. These skills are primarily utilitarian and do not deal direct damage. In the tutorial you will learn how to use a wolf blood rune.

Avira will tell you to pick up the rune, and here's what happens after that:

  1. Press the Rune button, which is Shift by default.
  2. A wolf will howl and you will find two opponents behind the walls.
  3. Approach them and exile them with your gauntlets.
How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

After that, Avira will inform you that different runes have different functions. You will complete this step of the tutorial once you have eliminated both enemies.

Section Six - Talents and Scrolls to Improve Yourself

There are three categories of talents, which help optimize your playstyle. You will find scrolls for Mind, Body, and Spirit, all three categories. To improve a Talent, you must read a Scroll of the same category.

In the tutorial, Avira gives you a scroll for each category, asking you to read them. Once you do, she will explain to you what scrolls are, and the following will happen:

  1. After awakening your three talents, Avira will spawn an enemy mage nearby.
  2. Exile the enemy with your gauntlets.
  3. The enemy will drop a mind scroll.
  4. Read it to take your mental talent to the next level.
  5. Avira will announce that you have completed this step and teleport you.
How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

You can change talents after unlocking more. Different classes have various unique talents to discover. Avira will tell you to mix and match talents and use them to win.

Section Seven – Equipment and Consumables

Avira will give you Common Boots, Common Belt, and Common Amulet on this next island. Boots help you run faster, belts increase your armor, and amulets allow you to store more mana. After that, you will experience the following events:

  1. Avira will drop better versions of the equipment you just picked up.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak
  2. Pick up and equip new items.
  3. Navigate to the waypoint that Avira directs you to.
  4. Endure Avira's attack.
  5. Pick up the Small Health Potion.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak
  6. Drink the potion to recover health.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak
  7. Pick up the small armor shard and use it to recover the armor.
    How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

You'll come across better versions of gear and consumables in the field, and you should get them as soon as possible.

Section Eight – Revive Disrupted Teammates

When playing in a squad, your teammates can be knocked down or "disturbed". You can always revive them, as Avira explains. After restoring the friendly mage, this section ends.

You will also learn that when disrupted, enemy mages can exile them. This makes reviving them the first order of the day if you can.

How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

Additionally, friendly fire is enabled in Spellbreak. Many of your attacks can damage your teammates, so be sure to aim carefully.

Section Nine – Portals

Portals in Spellbreak allow you to move quickly through land regions, but you still need to get to specific locations on foot. This last step consists of the following events:

  1. Avira will tell you to open your card.
  2. Once your map is open, move your mouse to the top right corner.
  3. Select "Training" to teleport to the training area.
  4. Land on the driving range and try out the different gauntlets, runes and more.
How to skip the tutorial in SpellBreak

You can also try out all the classes here, and all the gear is placed in convenient places for you to try out.

Once you want to continue, pause and exit the tutorial. You will be able to choose your first outfit after leaving the tutorial.

Mage to Mage

Once you get familiar with how Spellbreak's combat system works, you can start playing the game with friends or on your own. The different systems can be overwhelming at first, so we recommend getting used to the multiple items and classes in tutorial mode. Knowledge is power, and if you can use it and win, the tutorial has served its purpose.

What is your favorite class in Spellbreak? Did you encounter any problems with the tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below.

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