How to turn off subtitles on your Samsung TV

Turning off subtitles on Samsung TVs is a walk in the park, and you can do it on all contemporary models from the Korean manufacturer. The best thing is that the same steps apply to Smart models and regular TVs.

This article also includes troubleshooting tips if subtitles won't turn off. If you are bothered by stubborn subtitles, the problem is not with your TV but with another gadget or service.

Turn off subtitles on a Samsung TV

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start.

Closed captions are available in shows and apps that support them. Streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+ and Netflix have their subscriptions and you need to deactivate them for each service.

Those who still love to play DVDs and Blu-rays, turn subtitles on and off in the disc menu.

Here are the steps to turn off subtitles on Samsung TV.

  1. Go to Samsung Home screen, then select Parameters.
  2. To choose General > Accessibility Menu.
  3. Select Subtitle settings, Then choose Legend to turn them off, assuming subtitles are already on. There is a small green dot next to the Legend tab that indicates that subtitles are enabled.
  4. For subtitle options, the Subtitle settings The menu gives you three different options to change the subtitles to your preference: Digital captioning options, Subtitle mode, and Separate captioning.
    Digital captioning options lets you change the appearance of subtitles, including font size, color, style, and background color.
    Subtitle mode lets you choose a preferred subtitle language, but broadcasters determine what's available.
    Separate captioning displays subtitles in a different area of ​​the screen for easier reading.

Step 1

Make sure you're on the Samsung home screen, then grab your remote and go to Parameters using the directional pad. So choose General and select the Accessibility menu.

Step 2

With that, choose Subtitle settings and select Legend to turn them off. We assume that the subtitles are already activated. When you turn them off, the dot changes color.

Subtitle options

The Subtitle Settings menu gives you three different options to change the subtitles to your preference.

Digital captioning options

This menu allows you to modify the appearance of the subtitles. You can choose different font size, color, style and change background color. For the most comfortable viewing experience, it's best to stick with a white font on a black background and adjust the font size.

Subtitle mode

Here you can choose a preferred subtitle language, but there is a catch. Broadcasters determine which languages ​​are available. It's a good idea to keep this option on Default, but most stations will include Spanish subtitles if that's what you need.

Separate captioning

Subtitles are displayed in a different area of ​​the screen for easier reading. If you're used to the default position at the bottom center of the screen, this option might seem a bit odd. But it might help some users.

Expert Tip to Turn Off Subtitles on Samsung TV

Accessibility shortcuts are available with most new Samsung TVs. This menu shows the options you use most, making them easier to use.

  1. press the Mute remote control button and hold it for a while to get the Accessibility shortcuts menu.
  2. Navigate to and select the Legend possibility to deactivate it. Remember that the little dot is green when subtitles are on.

Unable to turn off subtitles on a Samsung TV: what to do?

If the subtitles won't disappear after turning them off on the TV, turn them off using a third-party service.

Most satellite and cable TV set-top boxes include captions, and the settings affect viewing preferences. So, first of all, determine the source of the show that has the persistent captions.

Subtitles or closed captions

People often use the terms subtitles and subtitles interchangeably, but there is a difference.

Intentionally, subtitles are for those who mute the TV, don't understand the source language, or can't use the audio. Closed captions (CC) also include descriptions of background noise, sound effects, song lyrics, and more.. CCs are primarily intended for the hearing impaired as they communicate most of the audio to the viewer.

Whether or not subtitles or subtitles are displayed depends on the source and your Samsung TV will display them accordingly. Of course, the source settings also allow you to change the font style, size, and other settings.

Subtitles are easy to turn on or off, and you don't have to wade through endless menus to find them. If your Samsung TV becomes unresponsive, just restart it and the problem should go away.

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