How to turn off the PS5 console, controller and microphone

At first, you might think turning off a PS5 is an easy task. But while the action doesn't feel like rocket science, it's sometimes not the easiest thing to do, especially for new PS5 owners. Even if you previously used PS3 and PS4, the process with PS5 is slightly different.

In this article you will find instructions on how to safely shut down your PS5 with or without the DualSense controller. Additionally, we'll cover steps on how to turn off your DualSense controller itself so you can save battery power while downloading a new game.

How to turn off the PS5 with the controller

Turning off the PS5 using the DualSense controller is a relatively simple task. New users just need to get used to the brand new UI which doesn't always make the most sense. Although it may seem complicated at first, the process is much clearer after the second try.

Before we begin, be aware that there are two “off” states for PS5s. You can either shut down your PS5 completely or put it into rest mode. Disabling the console will end all activity. Rest Mode, on the other hand, can still let the PS5 download patches, install games, or charge attached controllers. It will therefore continue to draw a little power.

Here's how to turn off the PS5 without having to get up from your comfortable seat:

Using the Control Center menu

  1. Open the PS5 Control Center menu by pressing the PlayStation logo on the controller.
  2. Press the ignition button. You'll see three options, including "Enter rest mode", "Turn off PS5", and "Restart PS5".
  3. Choose the second option to turn off the device.

When you turn off the PS5 this way, the console will start to shut down, but not immediately. You will see a message that says “Preparing to shut down your PS5…” warning you not to unplug the AC power cord while the PS5 power light is flashing.

How to turn off the PS5 without a controller

Turning off the PS5 without using the controller means you have to do it directly on the console. It's one of the easiest ways to turn off a PS5, but it does require you to access the console wherever it is in your room.

You will see two buttons on the black bar in the middle of the PS5 console (if you have a PS5 digital edition, there will only be one button). Find the power button on the left side of the console for the disk version. If you have set the console vertically, the power button will be at the bottom.

Press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps. Releasing the button after the first beep will put your console into rest mode. Two beeps will completely turn off the PS5.

When your PS5 is about to shut down, it will display a message on the screen. This warns you not to unplug the console from its AC power cord while the power button is still on.

How to turn off the PS5 controller

If you're downloading a game and want to save battery on the not-so-powerful 5mAh PS1560 controller, it's best to turn it off. However, disabling the DualSense PS5 controller requires a slightly different approach compared to previous PS generations.

There are different methods you can use to turn off the pad, and they are described below.

1. Via the control center

  1. On your PS5 DualSense pad, press the PlayStation button located in the middle, between the analog sticks.
  2. Go to the bottom row of the PS5 menu and look for the "Accessories" option. It's the button with the gamepad and a little battery gauge icon on it.
  3. Press “X”. You will see all the accessories connected to your device. Your DualSense controller will be named "Wireless Controller".
  4. Press "X" on it.
  5. Select the “Disable” option to turn off the pad.

2. Power off automatically

You can set your DualSense pad to automatically turn off if not used for a specific period. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open your PS5 settings. Head to the cog icon located at the top right of the home screen.
  2. Choose "System". You'll find it by scrolling down the submenu. It will be in the second half of the list.
  3. Scroll to "Power Saving" near the bottom of the list.
  4. Set the time in the "Set time until controllers turn off" section. You can turn off your controller after 10, 30, or 60 minutes of inactivity.

How to Disable PS5 Controller Mic

The PS5 DualSense controller is one of the coolest modern gaming accessories. There's a bunch of technology packed into this little device. Among them is a high quality open mic by default.

This means that what you say can be echoed even when you don't want it to, which can lead to issues in your online multiplayer game. Luckily, it's relatively easy to turn off your controller's mic.

1. Via the controller

All you have to do is hit the horizontal mute button in the center of your controller, just below the PlayStation logo.

When you mute the microphone, the button flashes orange.

2. Via the control center

Another way to mute your PS5 controller's mic is through the Control Center:

  1. Press the PS button on your controller.
  2. Tap the "X" on the microphone icon in Control Center.

This will mute your PS5 controller's microphone. If you want to completely disable your PS5, including audio output, there are additional steps:

  • Hold the mute button on the controller until it begins to flash orange.

You can use this step to seamlessly disable yourself and the game if you need to take care of other things.

These steps will mute your DualSense controller's mic, so you can go about your personal business and not worry about your co-players hearing every word you say.

3. Via the Settings menu

Another way to mute your mic is to access the Settings menu. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Access the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon at the top right of the screen.
  2. Go to the "Sound" section.
  3. Tap the “Microphone” option in the Sound menu. This is where you can adjust microphone settings, change the microphones used by the console, and more. If you want to disable the DualSense controller mic, set the input device to "Microphone on controller".
  4. Go to "Mic status when connected". You can choose to enable the microphone when you log in to the console or disable it.
  5. Press "Mute" to mute the sound. Your PS5 will no longer pick up any background noise from you or your surroundings.

Additional FAQs

Can you turn off the PS5 from the app?

To turn off your PS5 using the app, you must first install the PlayStation app (available on Google Play and App Store) and connect it to your PS5. Just follow the steps below:

1. First, enable Remote Play on PS5. Start by navigating to “Settings”.

2. Open the "System" section and go to "Remote Play".

3. Activate the "Enable Remote Play" button.

If your PS5 is in Rest Mode, you can start Remote Play by going to "Settings", then "System", then "Power Saving". Under 'Rest mode features', check the boxes for 'Stay connected to the internet' and 'Enable PS5 activation from network'.

When you connect the PS5 from your smartphone, you want to follow these steps:

1. Set the PS5 to rest mode.

2. Start the Remote Play app on your phone and sign in with your PS5 account.

The next time you log in; you will only have to select the device to access remote play.

Some of the remotes include the control center display, which contains the power option. You will also be able to adjust mic settings, download games, change screen settings, and do many other useful things.

Notes: Make sure your PS5 and your mobile device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You can also connect your PS5 to your phone by going to "Settings", then "Console Settings" and "Link Console to App" on your PS5.

Is it safe to unplug the PS5 while it's still on?

It is not recommended to unplug your PS5 while it is powered on. First, you risk losing your game progress. Second, if a download or update is in progress, you also risk losing that data. This is why you don't want to unplug your console while it's on.

Be aware that in rest mode, your console is actually still on and still allowing the device to use power. The safest way to unplug your PS5 is to turn it off completely.

Shutting down your PS5 with ease

Whether you're a first-time PS5 user or an experienced PS3 and PS4 player, you might find that the settings are a bit different on the PS5. This includes how the PS5 is disabled. Fortunately, you can turn off your PS5 in different ways: via the controller, directly from the console or from your mobile device. And if you want to save the battery of your DualSense controller without using it, now you know how to turn off the pad as well.

I hope this article has answered any questions you may have had regarding your PS5 shutting down.

Do you prefer to turn off your PS5 directly or via the controller? In what situations do you find it convenient to turn off the controller? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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