How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram

Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012. However, it wasn't until recently that a "From Facebook" message appeared on your Instagram loading screen. Long before that, Facebook users could link their accounts to their Instagram pages. This facilitates simultaneous sharing and facilitates a number of other things.

Still, getting duplicate Instagram message notifications from Instagram and Facebook can be annoying. If you don't care too much about linked accounts, unlinking Facebook from Instagram might be your best bet. Here's how.

How to Disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Most people access social media using their smartphone or tablet. This is because the desktop web version of the Instagram app is more or less redundant. And while people also tend to use Facebook on their mobile devices, it's not uncommon for some to access their Facebook pages using their Mac or PC.

Here's how to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.

From your Mac or PC

Instagram users can easily unlink their two accounts in just a few steps from a web browser. First, you will need to visit the Instagram website. Here's how to unlink your two accounts using Instagram's website:

  1. Log in to Instagram and click on your profile icon in the upper right corner. Then click on “Settings”.
  2. Scroll down this page and click on the blue “Account Center” hyperlink at the bottom left.
  3. Locate your account and click on the three horizontal dots on the right.
  4. Click "Remove from Account Center" in the pop-up window. Then confirm.

Now your accounts are unlinked. But what if you don't have access to your computer? Fortunately, you can also unlink your accounts on the Instagram app.

From your iOS or Android

Let's make one thing clear. Do not attempt to do this through the Facebook app. There is no option that allows you to disconnect your Facebook account and Instagram page on Facebook.

In fact, the only way to separate the two is to use the Instagram app, and on mobile or tablet platforms. Of course, you can do this through an iPhone or Android device. And it works pretty much the same.

  1. Go to the Instagram app and tap on your profile picture to access your account.
  2. Go to the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and press the icon.
  3. Tap “Settings”.
  4. Find “Account Center” and tap to access it.
  5. Tap the “Accounts & Profiles” selection.
  6. On the next page, you will see a list of your accounts. Tap your account.
  7. Tap "Remove from Account Center".
  8. Select Yes, Unpair, to confirm.
  9. So ! You have successfully unlinked your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How to Delete Instagram Posts from Facebook

Even when you have unlinked the two, you will notice that your Facebook profile will contain posts from Instagram. Indeed, you have selected the option that allows you to also share each post you share on Instagram on Facebook.

The fact that you have unlinked your Facebook profile and your Instagram page means that your Instagram posts will no longer automatically be shared on Facebook. However, this does not mean that your previous Instagram-related posts will be deleted.

This is because all previously auto-shared posts have been automatically turned into Facebook posts. They become separate entities from their Instagram twins. This means things like comments, shares, and likes don't translate between the two. This also applies to deletion.

To delete Instagram posts from Facebook, you will need to delete them manually. Clearly, this is done from your Facebook account, not from Instagram.

Using the Android/iOS app

Run the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet.

Access your profile by tapping the profile icon in the menu at the top/bottom of the screen (depending on whether you're using an Android or iOS device, respectively).

You can also go to the home screen on Facebook and tap your profile picture next to the post status bar at the top of the page.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Once on your profile, you will need to go to the Instagram Photos album. To do this, scroll down your profile page until you see the Photos entry.
  2. Tap it and you'll see a list of photos of you.
  3. In the upper part of this page, you will have the choice between different folders. Go to the Albums folder.
  4. In this view, navigate to a folder titled Instagram Photos. You will see a list of your posts on Instagram.
  5. To delete these posts, tap on each photo separately, access the three-dot menu.
  6. Click on the “Delete Photo” option.

This can be slightly annoying, especially if you have a lot of photos in the album. Fortunately, there is another way to do it.

Using PC/Mac

Using your desktop web browser, you will be able to quickly delete the entire Instagram Photos folder, without having to go through repetitive deletion patterns.

To do this, go to on your favorite browser. It doesn't matter whether you access it using a PC or a Mac. Now, whether you're using Classic Facebook Mode or New Facebook Mode, things work pretty much the same. Access your profile by selecting it from the list on the left or by clicking on your profile picture next to the status entry bar.

Go to on your favorite browser. It doesn't matter whether you access it using a PC or a Mac. Whether you're using Classic Facebook Mode or New Facebook Mode, things work pretty much the same.

  1. Access your profile by selecting it from the list on the left or by clicking on your profile picture next to the status entry bar.
  2. On your profile page, you'll see a quick list of things about you. If the Photos menu is visible, select View All on the right. Otherwise, go to the More tab and select Photos.
  3. Go to the Albums tab. Here you will also find the Instagram Photos folder.
  4. Click on Instagram photos.
  5. To delete it entirely, go to the three-dot icon on the right and select Delete album.
  6. Confirm by clicking Delete album.

Here! All Instagram posts – deleted from your Facebook profile!

Additional FAQ

We've included this section to answer more of your most frequently asked questions.

How can I change the linked Instagram account?

Well, you can link multiple Facebook pages and one Facebook profile to your Instagram account. Facebook Pages are linked to accounts, so whichever Facebook account you link to Instagram will also make those Pages available.

Now, to change the linked Facebook account on your Instagram, unlink the current account and link the new one, carefully following the instructions described.

However, you can choose where you want the Instagram posts you share to appear. Going to Linked Accounts in your Instagram app (as explained earlier), under Facebook navigate to Share to.

Here you can choose whether you want concurrent shares to appear on the linked Facebook profile or on one of the pages linked to the Facebook profile in question. Select what suits your preference.

Will disconnecting Instagram from Facebook delete Facebook posts?

As previously mentioned, no, it will not. Just because you've unlinked your Instagram account from Facebook doesn't mean Facebook posts are deleted. As explained above, this is because as soon as your Instagram post is auto-shared to Facebook, it becomes a kind of separate entity. In other words, it becomes a Facebook post that can only be manually deleted from Facebook itself.

Should I separate everything?

Using social networks has become a skill in its own right. Some people prefer to have their Instagram posts re-shared on Facebook, while others would like to keep things separate. This also applies to other platforms that may be linked to Instagram. Use Instagram to your advantage and you will know if and what to unlink/link.

Disconnect Facebook from Instagram

Even though Instagram is now under the Facebook umbrella, there may still be a reason why you'd rather keep the two separate. Maybe you don't want your Facebook page to be cluttered. Maybe you post different types of content on both. Whatever the reason, as long as you're using the right platform, unlinking Facebook from Instagram is quick and easy. Just stay in the Instagram app and you'll be fine.

Did you find this useful? Have you managed to unlink your Facebook profile from your Instagram page? Have you encountered any inconvenience? Feel free to let us and our community know by joining the discussion in the comments section below.

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