How to Use Chromecast to Play Games on Your TV

A little known fact about the Chromecast is that in addition to streaming video and audio, it is also possible to stream games. With increasingly sophisticated mobile games, that's a tempting prospect.

In fact, streaming games from your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi to your Chromecast – especially the new Chromecast 3rd Gen. – can be surprisingly effective and fun. Be warned, though: you need your Wi-Fi network working at its optimal level for this to work.

If it's not particularly fast or has lots of people using it at the same time, the gameplay might feel quite sluggish and your visuals will suffer as well. In order for everything to go well, your Chromecast will lower the quality. Here's a step-by-step guide to playing games on your Chromecast.

Step 1: Choose your Chromecast game on your Android phone/tablet

The first step is to find a game to play. It's not as simple as it seems. Only a small handful of proper games support Chromecast, including Angry Birds Go and WGT Golf. The others are quizzes, word games, etc. Most Chromecast games use your Android smartphone as the controller.

To find these games, search for Chromecast games on Google Play. This action does not mean that all games listed are Chromecast games. Check the details for more information.

Apart from Google Play Store, you can also visit the “official” Google Store (product store) and access the Chromecast product section using your mobile device.

The apps listed here are designed specifically for Chromecast.

Tap any game from the list using your smartphone or tablet. Select the icon of the chosen operating system, then install the game from the associated store.

Step 2: Launch the game on your Android phone/tablet

Launch Chromecast Games

To start playing, you need to open the game on your smartphone. From there, the app will provide the setup instructions needed to use it with your Chromecast.

The Jeter The icon is the most common component of any Chromecast game. Simply tap your mobile phone icon and then select your Chromecast from the pop-up frame. After a short delay, the game will transfer to your TV while the smartphone becomes the controller, assuming the game design uses this feature.

Note that some games are better suited for Chromecast than others. While many apps use the phone as a controller, other games simply mirror the screen to your TV.

Launch standard Android games

Many Android games can be mirrored to your Chromecast device by simply mirroring what is displayed on your smartphone or tablet. However, this option usually comes with some lag.

If you keep the quality settings low, it is possible to play many non-Chromecast games by simply mirroring your smartphone or tablet screen to the Chromecast. The only downside to this method is the fact that you will be watching your phone instead of the TV.

Mirroring works best on 2nd and 3rd generation Chromecast devices – it has less lag than the first Chromecast, making games easier to play. If you have the second or third generation Chromecast, it's best to configure it to use the 5 GHz frequency band of your Wi-Fi router. Finally, many games have adjustable quality settings. If you're having trouble getting a game to play smoothly on your Chromecast, try lowering the quality settings to minimum.

Let the community know how you use your Chromecast to play games in the comments section below.

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