How to Use the Siege Tower in Civilization VI

Civilization VI players have many options when it comes to using siege weapons to break through city defenses. However, the game does not specify how to use these units. If you're wondering how to use Siege Tower in Civilization VI, we've got you covered.

In this guide, we'll share everything you need to know about Siege Towers in Civilization VI, including how to build and use them. Additionally, we'll explain when using Siege Towers is most beneficial. Read on to learn how to use Siege Support Units.

How to use the siege tower

To understand how to use a siege tower, you must first know the brief history of the unit.

Before siege towers were invented, climbing the walls was rather difficult due to boiling oil and rocks being thrown from the walls for self-defense. In the 9th century BC, the Neo-Assyrians invented siege towers that allowed them to get closer to the city walls and protected them from attacks from above.

In its simplest form, a siege tower is a tall wooden roofed construction on wheels for easy pushing.

Siege towers are, in a sense, the opposite of rams – they help deal major damage to the city but don't work well against walls. With a siege tower, melee and anti-cavalry can ignore city walls and break through them. Thus, the best strategy for using a siege tower is to place one as close to the enemy city wall as possible. This will help anti-cavalry and melee classes break through the wall and into the city directly.

Be sure to protect your siege tower after moving it close to the enemy wall. Due to their large size, siege towers are an easy target and can be quickly demolished.

How to build a siege tower

To use a siege tower in Civilization VI, you must first build one. To do this, you must reach the classic era and research the construction technology. For a single siege tower you need 100 production points and 400 gold. Maintenance will cost you 2 gold coins.

When to Use a Siege Tower

A siege tower is a very useful item during Classic Era city invasions. They allow you to approach enemy city walls without getting attacked, at least until you get to the other side. Siege towers do not increase the damage you deal, but they do remove penalties.

Siege towers are effective against ancient and medieval walls. Of course, the success and speed of taking over the city just depends on your general strategy and the attacking units you combine with the siege tower.

Keep in mind, however, that siege towers cannot be used against Renaissance and newer walls. The unit becomes obsolete once you research civil engineering. Also, siege towers will not cause you to take control of a civilization that has developed city defenses, even if their city walls are ancient.

Additional FAQs

What are the alternatives to using a siege tower?

Once you research civil engineering or the enemy civilization develops city defenses, siege towers become useless. Thus, you have to find an alternative unit that will help you take control of the enemy city.

Once the Renaissance era hits, your best option is to use catapults to damage the enemy city without scaling the wall. If you prefer a closer battle and need to damage the wall, use Bombard - this will quickly wear down any Renaissance wall. If you're playing outside of Sweden, you can use Musketman, but it might take a while before you deal serious damage.

However, in ancient and medieval times, the siege tower has no alternative – it is the most effective support unit you can find. A ram is a great addition to a siege tower, dealing maximum damage when combined with any melee unit. Like siege towers, rams are useless against civilizations that have developed urban defenses.

Strategy is key

Now that you know how to use the siege tower in Civilization VI, you should have no problem conquering an ancient or medieval city. Keep in mind that ultimately it all depends on your strategy. Think outside the box, place your units wisely, and remember to reward your forces for previous victories.

What's your best strategy for conquering an ancient city in Civilization VI? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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