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Writing isn't the highest paying career in The Sims 4, but that's only until you publish a few bestsellers in the Literary Digest. The best thing about this path is that it can be done entirely from home and alongside another career. Also, maxing out your writing skills doesn't take too long compared to other skills.

If you're wondering how to start posting more bestsellers, we're here to help. This guide will explain how to write bestsellers and become a successful author in Sims 4. Additionally, we will share tips on how to achieve this aspiration instantly and explain which traits are beneficial for a writer.

How to Write More Sims 4 Bestsellers

Only Sims who have reached writing skill level 9 can create bestsellers. Once you've maxed out your skills, you can also complete the Achievement Author Aspiration. To get started, follow the instructions below:

  1. Give your Sim the traits a writer needs: creative, art lover, perfectionist, bookworm, or genius. This can be done at the Sim creation stage or by modifying an existing Sim's traits with cheats.
  2. Wait for your Sim to be inspired or focused. For inspiration, you can take a “thoughtful shower,” eat good food, Woo-Hoo, or browse the web for art if your Sim has the Art Lover trait.
  3. Head to any computer and select the "Practice Writing" interaction.
  4. After you practice writing and reach writing skill level 1, you can start writing books. To do this, select the "Write a book" interaction. Give your book a title and description. At first, you will only be able to write children's books. A book takes about four in-game hours to write, and you'll need to write two to become a proficient blacksmith.
  5. Once you have completed the two books from the previous stage, you can start publishing books to earn royalties. Keep practicing to advance your writing skills. Write five good books to become a novelist.
  6. Write five excellent books. To create great books, your Sim must be very inspired when writing.
  7. Publish ten good or excellent books. The requirement is easy to complete if you have kept all the books written in the previous steps. Head to a mailbox and select the "Submit to Literary Digest" interaction. It only becomes available at writing skill level 9, and you can submit books for publication once a week.
  8. Wait for your Sim to earn 25 in royalties by submitting their books to Literary Digest. Meanwhile, keep writing in a very inspired state until you create three bestsellers. Congratulations, you have become a bestselling author!

How to use tips to become a successful author

Becoming a successful author in The Sims 4 takes time and dedication. Luckily, you can speed up the process with cheats. Do not worry; Game developers don't mind - in fact, the official EA Games website states that cheats are an important part of The Sims 4 game. Follow the instructions below to instantly become a successful in-game author:
1. Use the shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + C" to bring up the cheat console.
2. Type “testingcheats true” and press “Enter” key to enable cheats.
3. Bring up the cheat console again and type “stats.set_skill_level major_writing 10” to maximize your writing skills.
4. Optionally, type “traits.equip_trait Muser” or “traits.equip_trait Poetic” to acquire traits only available after becoming a successful author.

Additional FAQs

What books can I write at all writing skill levels in The Sims 4?

Just like in real life, some genres in The Sims 4 require more writing experience and knowledge than others. Because of this, your Sim will continue to unlock new genres of books during their writing career. This is how it works:

1. At first, you will only be able to write children's books.

2. At writing skill level 2, you can start writing sad books when your Sim is in a sad emotional state.

3. At level 3, you will acquire the ability to write short stories, motivating and entertaining books. You will also learn how to write excuses for your children when they miss school.

4. At level 4, you can write romantic poems and books. To write good romance books, your Sim needs to be in a Flirty state.

5. At level 5 you will learn to write non-fiction books and recite love poems.

6. At level 6 you can start writing screenplays and move to Hollywood. You don't necessarily have to do this to become a successful author, but it can lead to some interesting storylines.

7. At 7th level, you can write fantasy books.

8. At 8th level, you will learn to write science fiction books.

9. At level 9, you can start writing mystery books and submit your work to Literary Digest.

10. At level 10, you will learn to write the type of book with the highest pay – a biography.

What traits are best for a Writer-Sim?

Your choice of traits greatly affects your chances of becoming a successful author in Sims 4. The Creative trait will ensure that your Sim will be inspired often, which will help them write better books and complete success faster. The Bookworm trait can also improve the quality of your Sim's books, as they will have a good mood every time they start writing.

With the Art Lover trait, your Sim can browse the web looking at artwork and get inspired more often. Sims with the Perfectionist trait take longer to write books, but they're more likely to publish a great or best-selling book. Finally, the Genie trait makes your Sim more focused, which is also beneficial for writing books.

What traits can I acquire after becoming a successful author?

The Bestselling Author achievement comes with some perks: your Sim can become a Muser or a Poetic. With the Muser trait, your Sim can learn any creative skill faster. So the more you write, the more bestsellers you will publish and the more royalties you will earn.

The poetic trait is much more exciting because it gives you the opportunity to write the book of life. This book can bring back recently deceased Sims or fill the Live Sims Needs Bar.

words are magic

Hopefully our guide has helped you become a successful author in The Sims 4. As you can see, in addition to making a lot of money, this aspiration has some fun perks. Who wouldn't want to resuscitate others? Remember, however, you must capture a Sim's biography before they die.

What traits do you find most beneficial for a Writer Sim? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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