Idle Home Makeover for PC (Windows/MAC Download)

In Idle Home Makeover you will be able to remodel 3D houses. If you like the idea of ​​being able to design and build virtual homes, just keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Idle Home Makeover.

How to Download and Play Idle Home Makeover on PC:

Free download, install and play Idle Home Makeover on your Windows PC or MAC with mobile app emulators.

  • Download and install Bluestacks. You can also use Memu or Nox.
  • Register or connect your old Gmail / Google Play account.
  • Go to the emulator's search box and type "Idle Home Makeover"
  • Click on the “Install” button next to the game and wait for the apk to finish downloading.
  • That's it, click play! Enjoy idle home makeover for your desktop/laptop!
  • Platforms: Android | iOS | Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista | macOS

    Why Download Idle Home Makeover For PC | Main Features:

    You will be able to build different types of houses.

    Part of the fun of playing Idle Home Makeover is building a wide variety of houses such as corner cottages, standard cottages, mills, and orchards.

    It is important to pay attention to the structural integrity of your homes.

    Idle Home Makeover isn't just about building beautiful homes, it's also important to make sure the homes you build are structurally sound. For example, it's a good idea to select high-quality insulation choices for your homes and spend money on waterproofing the homes you build.

    You will have to make important decisions.

    As you build your house, you will be faced with important decisions. For example, you may have the choice of using a hammer and nails to secure a post to your porch or you may choose to use duct tape to try and fix your post. While choosing to use tape to fix a structural problem may be a cheap option, there's a greater chance that your problem will fix itself again.

    Be prepared to wait for sections of your houses to be built.

    When you choose to place new windows in your house or put a roof on your house, you will have to wait for a set amount of time for the tasks you have chosen to be completed. Usually the more expensive options will also take longer to build than the cheaper options available.

    When in doubt, it is always a good idea to go for the more expensive option. If you don't have enough coins to go for the more expensive option, just wait to spin the bonus wheel to earn the coins you need to go for the more expensive option.

    You will continue to earn money even if you don't play Idle Home Makeover.

    As this is an idle game, you will continue to earn money even when you are sleeping or watching TV. So you won't have to worry about grinding to make money.

    You can participate in limited-time events.

    If you manage to complete limited-time events before the time runs out, you'll earn free prizes. It is therefore definitely worth participating in each limited-time event.

    You will have the choice of the appearance of each house.

    You will be able to choose the style of windows you will place in your home as well as the color of the exterior walls of your home and the type of lawn you would like your property to have.

    If you've always dreamed of building your own house and choosing all the aspects of your dream house, it's worth playing Idle Home Makeover. As you can learn about the process of building a beautiful, structurally sound home by playing Idle Home Makeover.

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