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You need an application, for some occasion that won't happen again any time soon, but you have to download it, install it and above all, it will take up space on your smartphone for many months. To be able to do without these laborious steps, Google presented at the Google I/O 2016 Instant App. 

In practice, the applications will be accessible via a search on Google, if available, and accessible with a click. This can also be done from a website that requires an application to display certain content. Mountain View takes the example of an application for paid parking. Thanks to NFC, the necessary app appears, and payment is made using the bank details of the Android Pay account.

Just the code needed 

It is interesting to note that the user only downloads the code necessary to use the app to gain efficiency. For example, in the case of parking, only the payment interface is downloaded. In the case of a website requiring an application to view a video, only the reader is taken. The thing must be at the very least complex, and will obviously require work on the part of the developer.

At present, "Instant Apps" are therefore rare, but now that all of this is public, more developers will be able to get into the dance, especially since they have a better interest in doing so, in particular the visibility of their application. Just a link to the application to give an overview of this or that function, at the time of Twitter and Facebook, this should be effective. Instant App will arrive sometime next year, and not just on Android N, but from Android Jelly Bean (4.1).

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