iOS 8, why not install it today on your iPhone / iPad

Like every year, during a major update of iOS, we expect a nice traffic jam on Apple's servers. Because if Apple manages the problems related to fragmentation well, logical when you produce its machines and its dedicated OS, when you have to push its update to nearly 700 million mobile terminals at the same time, clogging is indeed the main risk for the user.

The 19 p.m. rush and a frozen iPhone

Tonight, around 19 p.m., you can logically wait a while before you can download your iOS 8. And when you actually access the download, it is best to be patient. This nearly 1GB update on iPhone and more on iPad could immobilize your iPhone for several hours.

Slap on the autonomy and memory that fails

You had noticed a significant drop in battery life under iOS 7, so did we and this problem should happen again. Found on the betas of iOS 8 on the iPhone 5S and 5, range optimization only partially fixed on GM, the final preview.
On the network, Wi-Fi in particular, we noted some hanging problems or loss of memory on passwords. Nothing too bad, let's bet that these shortcomings will be corrected on the final version of this evening.

We also noticed some bugs on the notifications which remain stuck on the lockscreen, a lockscreen which itself remains blocked when it's not the predictive keyboard that's just thinking about it.

Are we installing or expecting iOS 8.0.1?

When you take the beta-tester option of iOS and it seems logical to encounter bugs. Bugs that are often partially corrected on the final versions of iOS. However, if your iDevice is a work tool or you don't intend to be stuck with your iPhone tonight, we advise you to wait until tomorrow to download and install iOS 8.

By then, any bugs in the final version will have been identified, it's up to you to see if you intend to install iOS 8 or go directly to the next iOS 8.0.1 which could well be released in the next few days.

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