Little Singham Guide: Top 4 Tips and Tricks

Little Singham No 1 Runner is an endless runner game about a brave policeman who is on a mission to catch Shambala who escaped from jail and tries to escape the city. To not let her, Little Singham must prove to be a fast and agile runner who weaves between obstacles with great skill. The longer the race, the more obstacles there are in the way and the harder it is to avoid them.

If you want to know how to deal with them easier and extend the chase time, you can check out our list of Little Singham Guide for the best tips, cheats and strategies that will help you increase your chances of catching the criminal and bringing the peace. the city.

Little Singham tips and tricks:

1. Look straight ahead.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is staring at the character while running. While this may make you feel a bit safer, you increase your chances of hitting an obstacle because you can't see what's going on and have little time to react when a car or fence is coming your way. you.

That is why, the best strategy when racing is to look far ahead, which will help you notice obstacles early and prepare your plan to avoid them, deciding which lane to go and whether to jump or slide. Of course, many beginners would struggle to control the character without looking at it, but it will only take a few runs to master the skill.

If you're worried about losing sight of the character entirely, we recommend slowing down and taking your attention away from Little Singham regularly, working your way up the device screen inch by inch until you find yourself staring away. in front of you.

2. Spend most of the time in the middle lane.

Another great tip for you that will help you commit to long runs is to try to always come back to the middle lane. At the start of the race all three lanes are basically clear, but later they become heavily packed with obstacles and only one at a time remains passable.

Sometimes it can happen that the only free way is the left one, then it suddenly switches to the right. In this case, you'll need to react and maneuver extremely quickly, and while the in-game controls are responsive enough, switching between lanes can be a difficult task as you progress through the race.

Therefore, if you want to avoid risky lane changes, a good game strategy is to try to always keep running in the middle lane. If you do, you'll have equally easy access to the left and right lanes, which will help you quickly switch to one of them if it's the only passable lane.

Little Singham Guide: Top 4 Tips and Tricks

3. Don't waste your keys.

The keys help you revive the little policeman when he is hit by an obstacle. Some players have a habit of wasting available keys in no time, applying them in a single run. Unfortunately, it's not that easy to collect Vital Keys, so using them recklessly on low-scoring runs isn't a good idea at all.

You will be better off using the keys only when appropriate. Avoid reviving the character during short runs, instead accept the loss and save the keys for long runs where there's a lot at stake and one key can make the difference.

4. Improve your bonuses.

Before you start your pursuit, you should know that there are a bunch of useful bonuses that help you improve your performance. These include the coin magnet that allows you to collect all the coins around you without having to change lanes, then comes the bulletproof vest that makes you invincible in front of any obstacle. You can also activate the super sneakers which increase your speed, as well as the coin multiplier which doubles the number of coins on the road.

Although these special features help you a lot to become a better racer, it is essential to upgrade them regularly as you progress through the game. The longer the race, the more obstacles and coins appear on the path and the limited activation time of the bonuses becomes insufficient to allow you to take advantage of them properly.

This is why you should update your bonuses as often as possible. Doing so will increase their duration and have a better chance of catching the escapee.

Little Singham Guide: Top 4 Tips and Tricks

Little Singham Guide: Top 4 Tips and Tricks

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