Make your netbook screen "touch" without modifying it.

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Pen and Free offers motion detection solutions carried out on a laptop screen or a screen with a device that is fixed above the surface that we are going to point to: the result is surprising on an EeePC S101.

The device indeed works very well on an EeePC S101 as shown in this video from It is therefore a solution emulating a touch screen on any machine without having to lose its warranty by opening it. The operation is quite simple, a detection device is placed above the screen and will analyze all the movements made in its area analyzed by the stylus which is coupled to it.

The system does not only have positive points: If it allows you to have a "tactile" surface on all the machines you own (up to 15.4") and this, without having to lose your guarantee, it also condemns a USB port and does not allow a truly portable use of its netbook.The obligation also to have to use the stylus of the brand will not be appreciated by everyone either.

But I see it as a possibly interesting solution for users with several portable machines and wanting to benefit from this kind of interactivity. This can also allow managers of machine parks not to install touchscreen on all machines but to provide the appropriate solution as needed. Thanks to Mike for the link.

Audio Video Make your netbook screen "touch" without modifying it.
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