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Solve matching puzzles and renovate the old estate assigned to you in Matchington Mansion. Along the way, you'll have helpers to help you make your mansion the way you want it. There are tons of customizations you can make, so feel free to design it as your dream home.

It may seem easy at first, but as you spend more time playing, matching pillows becomes more and more tricky. That's why you need to know the following Matchington Mansion tips, tricks and cheats to complete the levels with less trouble.

1) Save coins and spend them wisely.

There are different ways to earn coins. You can Start by connecting your game to your Facebook account, then earn more after completing levels and earning gift boxes. Antonio, an NPC, will also send you messages and packages with coins from time to time.

Don't forget to stack this in-game currency as it will come in handy in difficult stages.

You can pay 500 coins to add five extra moves in case you fail to solve a puzzle. Only use this when you think you are within five moves of winning. But if you think you're not close enough yet, you better restart the level.

When you save coins, you will also have more to spend on your furniture. You can choose to buy the more expensive ones, which are usually more attractive.

2) Login to your Facebook.

By connecting your Facebook account, you can earn your first 500 coins before you even start solving puzzles. Moreover, it will allow you to add friends who also play the game. This is very useful because you can send and receive free lives from your friends.

When playing with friends, you can also visit their mansions. There, you have the opportunity to find furniture and decor that you can take home. These freebies can be instantly installed in your mansion if you have already unlocked them, but some require coins to be available.

To link your Facebook account, go to settings and tap Connect to Facebook.

3) Don't use all your moves.

Because you only have a limited number of moves, you don't have to rush. If you do, you might end up failing a level and losing a life. As much as possible, use fewer movements. Why?

When you have moves left after completing a stage, they will turn into firecrackers scattered all around the puzzle. They will all explode and give you bonus points.

Just like chess, it's good that you take your time before moving around Matchington Mansion. But don't worry too much. After all, it's just extra points, and as long as you complete a level, you're good to go.

4) Match more than three pillows.

Typically, in match-three puzzles, connecting more than three pieces will produce special tiles that perform better. Besides displaying live effects, it will save you some extra moves. There are four types of these special tiles that you should be aware of.

The easiest to do are Firecracker and Square Firecracker, both consisting of four pillows. Firecrackers, formed from a vertical or horizontal line, can remove an entire column or row. Square Firecrackers, consisting of a single square, will clear surrounding pieces.

To blow up more pillows, create a shape of the letters L or T. This special tile is called the Big Firecracker.

The most explosive type is the Rainbow. It is formed by matching five pillows lined up in a row or column. It removes all pillows from the puzzle that have the same color as the one you used to swap places with the piece you used to complete that tile.

To download Matchington Mansion on your PC, check out this guide.

5) Go for the bottom pieces.

A smart move in these types of matching games is to go for the pieces at the bottom of the board. Matching at the bottom will give more combos and opportunities to merge special tiles. This will ultimately help you reach your goal quickly and save yourself some movement.

However, if the step requires you to focus on a specific area other than the bottom, you don't have to apply this trick.

There you have it - Matchington Mansion tips and tricks to complete the stages with the best results. Maybe decorating your dream home isn't that hard after all.

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