MLB 9 Innings Beginner's Guide: Tips and Tricks

MLB 9 Innings is an MLB licensed game that uses real players, real teams, real ballparks and mimics in every detail a real baseball season and baseball game where you have to control your player's every move to ensure that the pitch, catch or hit is executed smoothly.

Impeccable performance during gameplay can be challenging even for advanced gamers. So if you are a beginner, our list of MLB 9 Innings tips and tricks will definitely be of great help to you, helping you understand the basics and increasing your chances of building a successful career.

MLB 9 Innings Tips and Tricks:

1. Make the swing in a timely manner.

Swing timing is very important when hitting. If you swing too early or too late, you'll get an average shot, if not worse. It takes a lot of practice to get to perfect timing, but if you're patient and willing to learn, you'll hit an incredible base hit in a short amount of time.

If you're new to baseball and really unfamiliar with markers that suggest it's swing time, we're here to help. A good game tip for you is to avoid making the swing if the ball hasn't entered the batter's box yet. If you are not patient enough and swing before this happens, it will be considered an early swing attempt and you will either miss the shot or make little contact with the ball which will end in a weak shot .

Also, you have to use the Swing controller to decide which direction to throw the ball.

2. Load your pitchers with suitable slots.

Pitchers have a huge role in winning a game and you have to be very careful when choosing which pitchers and style of pitcher you rely on during the game. There are five attributes that determine a pitcher's style of play and skill. These are throwing power, fastball throwing ability, stamina, pitch control, and breaking throw ability.

It is very important that pitchers do what they are good at. If they're good at throwing fastballs, you better assign them two- or four-seam throws. Whereas if they have excellent skills to send breaking throws, the best is to have them execute sliders or screw balls. This way, you will ensure that you fully exploit their potential.

At the same time, you should always remain unpredictable during the game and avoid making two or three identical throws in a row. So changing the direction of the pitch and trying to throw a new way each time will help keep the batter confused and reduce their chances of hitting a good shot.

3. Use fast progression when the score allows it.

One of the game options is to allow the computer to take control and play on your behalf while you go about your business. Keep in mind that while it may seem tempting, leaving everything to artificial intelligence can cost you dearly. The computer may have basic game patterns, but it cannot measure up to what a human can do and the rich array of actions and decisions a human can make.

That's why we don't recommend activating Fast Progress when playing games with a tight score or when playing against strong teams. You can only do this when your lead is high enough to guarantee the opponent won't be able to catch you, or when you're playing against weak teams that even the computer can comfortably handle.

4. Complete challenges to earn more points and stars.

The most obvious way to earn extra points and stars is to complete the daily challenges that appear on the left and right sides of your screen. If you complete easy missions you will be rewarded with points, while if you take on more difficult missions you will receive stars which you can spend on upgrading your players and buying new ones during the auction.

The more points and stars you earn, the more you can train your players, which is crucial to keeping them fit and preparing for tough games.

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