Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Cheats: Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is now available in the market! Your mission? Defeat Rita Repulsa with her vile Ranger clones and hideous monsters. Read on and emerge victorious in your quest to save the world with your Power Rangers!

Follow these tips and tricks to make it your base as you progress and improve in the game.

1. Know your Rangers

Of course, the first thing to do is find out who is on your side. There are two types of Rangers in this game: the Leader Ranger and two Assist Rangers. There are also two classes of Rangers: Attack and Defensive. Remember to use each of them wisely as the attacking Rangers can only win the most offensive cards.

On the other hand, Defensive Rangers have the chance to get the most shields and also use it to their advantage in battle. You can only have direct control over the Leader Ranger. You can summon an ally in the form of Assist Rangers during each fight, but you can only do so by using cards.

Summoning an Assist Ranger can do several things to help you attack your opponent and add health to your Leader Ranger. While they can't deal as much damage with their attacks, the extra health they provide can make every attack interesting as it can be crucial, especially if you need extra time to defeat your enemy.

2. Attack by stratagem

Blue cards protect you from regular attacks, but they cannot protect you from regular red attacks. Survive the battle by getting away from the red attacks.

Time your attacks. If you want to win, accuracy is everything. This is one of the best ways to defeat your opponent. With precise timing, your opponent won't have a chance to retaliate.

Watch your opponent's every move. You'll see a hint of what his next move will be. Pay attention to this and take over. Use color attacks to your advantage.

3. By opening morph and corruption boxes

Don't waste your time. Open Morph Boxes as soon as you can as they arrive at some point. They contain crucial shards to unlock new Rangers. They are also your best source of currency. It's best to open the easy-to-open boxes first, then leave those that take time to open later.

Corruption boxes don't give up so easily. Participate in all the battles you can get your hands on. The damage you earn from each battle is the key to unlocking Corruption Boxes. You can gain damage whether you win or lose. Keep earning them.

Also, gaining experience is as easy as frequently checking for completed achievements. Do it once in a while and you'll be shocked at the experience you've gained in no time.

4. Upgrade

Choose your favorite Ranger from the start. It is necessary to back up most, if not all, of your shards, currencies, and boxes. You will need a lot of them to upgrade your Ranger. Start collecting and saving them early in the game. They became harder and harder to earn as you progressed.

5. Strength in numbers

It's not always a good idea to fight alone. Upgrade your player to level 2 and you can become more powerful. At this point, you have unlocked the ability to form or join alliances. It's a way to get shards you don't have and give shards you don't need. It's a way to unlock more Rangers to join your team.

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