Properly install and set up the Philips The One TV

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That's it, the cardboard of your Philips The One television sits proudly in your living room? Well ! What are you waiting for to unbox it? Rest assured the installation is extremely simple. It took us less than thirty minutes to carry out all the operations and, just like you, we knew nothing of the procedure to follow before we started. Warning, do not try to manipulate the TV by yourself. Two people are absolutely necessary to avoid any incident. Keep in mind that the smallest model already measures 108 cm diagonally and weighs 9,4 kg. Extracting it from the cardboard requires a certain effort, especially since you have to avoid putting your hands on the slab. For information, the model The One of 55 inches (139 cm) weighs 16,4 kg, and the 70 inches (178 cm), exceeds 30 kilos. Two, handling does not present any difficulty. Just be sure to move the screen vertically, not flat, and lay it face down on a table covered with a cloth, to avoid scratching the slab.

Also pay attention to the foot (swivel on all sizes up to 58 inches). Do not be fooled by its sleek design and its thinness, it is designed to support the weight of the TV. So it weighs heavy, too (2,5 kg for the 55 inch one). However, its installation is very simple. Get a Phillips screwdriver and follow the instructions on the installation documentation to position them correctly. If you want to hang it on the wall, screw a VESA standard bracket (optional) corresponding to the size of the TV, in the space provided for this purpose. In all cases, make sure to keep a space of at least 20 cm on either side and above the device, in order to take advantage of the Ambilight lighting.

HDMI ARC on all floors

Now let's move on to connectivity. Again, the installation documentation greatly facilitates the task. The most classic configuration consists of connecting the television to the TV decoder associated with your Internet box, via an HDMI cable. Note that all the sockets are HDMI ARC compatible even if, in this specific case, it is not important. On the other hand, it is useful if you receive the audio-video signal via an antenna (satellite or TNT), and wish to transfer the sound to an external device, sound bar or home cinema amplifier.

The Philips The One TV has ultra-complete connectivity.

Indeed, an HDMI ARC socket allows audio return from the TV to another device, which avoids having to use an additional cable. This function is also valuable for connecting the television to a soundbar to, for example, enjoy Dolby Atmos sound broadcast by Netflix or Amazon Prime via the Android TV interface. Finally, if you have a home cinema amplifier, connect all your devices to it, especially HD Internet boxes and game consoles, then transfer the audio-video signal to the television via an HDMI Out connector.

Android TV at the wand

As you know, your TV has built-in Android TV. To take advantage of it, nothing could be simpler, connect it to your box via an Ethernet cable. If your box is too far from the TV, don't worry: The One is equipped as standard with Wi-Fi (802.11n, 2 x 2, dual band), the system will offer you to connect to your home network as soon as you screens. You can now turn on the TV, which will automatically tune to the correct HDMI input. Once the remote control has been recognized (simply hold the dedicated button for 5 seconds), the connection to the Internet is made automatically if you have used an Ethernet cable.


Now, to connect to Android TV, you must enter the address and password of your Gmail account, via the remote control or your smartphone. In this case, go to this address and enter the code that is displayed on the television. There you go, the Android TV interface is displayed, and you can now navigate between the apps, Netflix (you will have to enter your login details the first time you log in), Google Play or even Play films and TV, the video service at Google's request. Note that by pressing the button with four colored circles at the top of the remote control, you launch the Google Assistant. He listens to you, tell him what you want!

And if you have the slightest doubt on the procedure to follow, you will find the guide presenting the main functions of the television, in the menu How to.... And the complete version of the user manual is accessible via the icon located at the top right of the screen. All you have to do is sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy the show!


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