Rise of Kingdoms: How to Get Teleports

Each player begins their digital career as a ruler of a city in Rise of Kingdoms, and they will begin in a starter kingdom. You can switch realms to get closer to their alliance members, and many players choose to move for this reason.

However, what if you want to change locations within the same realm?

Players who are in a kingdom can still move their town halls using teleports. However, moving town hall or moving is different from migrating with Beginner Teleport. Instead of switching realms, you stay within the borders of your current realm.

Read on to learn more about teleports in Rise of Kingdoms, including where to get them, the different types, and how to use them.

How to teleport in Rise of Kingdoms

Teleportation is how you move your town hall to a different location within your kingdom's borders. You may do this to get closer to your friends or to want a new place to play. Before teleporting, you must first know how to acquire teleports.

Where to teleport?

Teleports are most commonly purchased from in-game stores, although they are not the only source. You can also get teleports by playing in events. Unfortunately, you can't buy as many Teleports as you want from stores because supplies are limited.

Known sources of teleports are:

  • Shop
  • VIP shop
  • Mysterious Merchant
  • Era Breakthrough Event

The VIP Shop is the best place to buy your teleports. The higher your VIP level, the cheaper the goods. When you reach VIP 6, targeted teleports drop to 50% of their original price. You might think this makes the usual shop obsolete, but it doesn't.

After you run out of VIP Shop goods, you need to wait until 00:00 UTC to buy more. Things may be cheaper here, but you don't get a lot of them. Thus, we recommend that you be careful with your teleports.

If you run out of Teleports in the VIP Shop, you can still get them from the Shop at standard prices.

The Mysterious Merchant spawns in your Town Hall courier station. She also offers discounts, but her offers vary from visit to visit. Occasionally, she comes with discounted teleports, so you should get them at her low prices when she does.

Era Breakthrough is the permanent event to improve your town hall. When you reach Town Hall level 23, you get a free targeted teleport.

Types of teleports

There are three types of teleports that allow you to move your town hall around the kingdom. This category does not include Beginner's Teleport, which teleports your Town Hall from one Realm to another. We'll talk about switching realms below.

The three types of teleportation are:

This teleport lets you move to a random location in the kingdom. You get it in the standard shop. If you're feeling lucky, you can try this teleport.

If you are part of an alliance, you can use this teleport to move anywhere within the alliance's territory. You can buy them from the Mysterious Merchant and the Standard Shop.

You can use a targeted teleport to move anywhere on the kingdom map. Both of the shops above sell Targeted Teleports, but you can also get them from the VIP Shop or by leveling up your Town Hall to level 23.

Random teleports are the cheapest, while targeted teleports cost more. These prices are however in the standard shop. Purchasing territorial or targeted teleports from other vendors is usually cheaper.

How to get more teleports in Rise of Kingdoms

The best way to get teleports is through your town hall shops and vendors. As for beginner teleports, you get one immediately when starting a new game. Passport Pages are obtained by spending individual Alliance Credits or purchasing bundles.

You need to earn gems to buy the three main teleports in the game. To get gems, you can do the following:

  • Upgrade your town hall
  • Play in events
  • Fight the barbarians and destroy their forts
  • Complete quests
  • Link your account to Facebook
  • Follow the game's social media pages
  • Complete Daily Objectives
  • Mine are saved
  • Enter an alliance with players who often buy chests
  • Your Alliance manages to occupy an objective first in the whole Kingdom
  • Buy gems with money

Be sure to save your teleports, especially if you plan to play Rise of Kingdoms without spending any money. It will take longer to earn enough gems, but it will eventually happen.

How to teleport to a different realm

To teleport to another realm, you need one of two items, Beginner Teleport or Passport Pages. You can use either to migrate to any realm in the game. There are a few requirements, but we'll get to those in a bit.

Teleports for Beginners

As mentioned in the section above, you get a beginner teleport when you first start playing. Reaching Town Hall level 7 also rewards you with another one.

However, beginner teleports, while free, only last 10 days in your inventory. You need to level up quickly and use it before it expires if migrating is part of your plan.

Here's how to use a teleporter for beginners:

  1. Lancer Rise of Kingdoms
  2. Zoom out on the main screen as much as possible.
  3. Find the globe at the bottom right of the screen.
  4. Choose a new kingdom.
  5. Select "Teleport" to confirm your choice.
  6. The game will restart and you will be in your new kingdom.

Before choosing to migrate, you have the option to preview your new or potential realm. The "View" button to the left of the "Teleport" button allows you to survey the Kingdom and give you a more precise overview. You may even change your mind after going deeper into a few realms.

After using the two beginner teleports, you won't be able to get new ones. Once used, you must purchase Passport Pages if you wish to change kingdoms.

The requirements to use beginner teleports are:

  • Your town hall is below level 8.
  • You have idle walk queues.
  • You are currently not in battle.
  • You must not have any reinforcements inside the town hall.
  • Your new kingdom has fewer than three of your characters after teleporting.
  • You cannot be part of an alliance.

Passport Pages

Passport pages are quite expensive, but buying them will become easier if you manage to join a powerful alliance. Unlike beginner teleports, the number of passport pages you have at your disposal varies depending on the total power of your town hall. The higher your power, the more you need to buy.

A single Passport Page costs 600 individual Alliance Credits and you must purchase them from the Alliance Shop. However, they are out of stock, so alliance leaders or officers must spend 000 alliance credits to restock them.

Once you've obtained passport pages, here's how you use them:

  1. Buy enough passport pages according to your power level.
  2. Zoom out on the main screen.
  3. Select the globe icon in the lower right corner.
  4. Choose a new realm target for migration.
  5. Select “Immigrate”.
  6. The game will restart and you will now be in the realm of your choice.

With Passport Pages, you can migrate to any realm as many times as you want. Rise of Kingdoms does not prevent you from moving from kingdom to kingdom every two months. The only things stopping you are Alliance Credits and how many passport pages you need.

For example, the "strongest" players in the game who have power above 100 million will need to purchase 75 Passport Pages to migrate, which will require up to 45 individual Alliance Credits. If you're not near that power level, you might only need less than 000 passport pages to get around.

Since troops and other factors affect your city's power, there are a few tricks you can use to lower your power and use fewer Passport Pages.

The tips are:

  • Kill your siege units
  • fill the hospital
  • Refrain from using speed-ups

When you lower your power, you save a lot of individual alliance credits and your alliance leader won't have to restock as much. If your Alliance is very wealthy, this may not matter as much to them. You are more than likely to find the Passport pages regularly replenished.

Like beginner teleports, using Passport Pages also has its own set of requirements.

  • Your town hall must be at least level 16.
  • All your troops are in the city and the queues are empty.
  • Your city is not at war.
  • Your resources must be within the capacity of the warehouse (donate resources to meet this requirement).
  • It's been at least 30 days since your last migration.
  • The kingdoms you want to migrate to are not participating in Kingdom vs. Kingdom.
  • You must leave your Alliance before migrating.
  • You can only migrate to developed realms (these realms are over 120 days old).

The Imperium Realms are the best of the best in Rise of Kingdoms. Anyone with a city power of less than 25 million can migrate to any realm in the Imperium.

But if you're too strong to migrate to one, there's yet another set of rules.

  • The king must approve your special immigration and send you a notification.
  • Governors applying must meet the above requirements and be approved.
  • Imperium Kingdoms can only approve one player per month.
  • Requests are only effective for three days depending on when you submit them.

Additional FAQs

How do I teleport to my Alliance?

You must use a territorial teleport if you want to be in your alliance territory. You can buy them in stores and vendors. By using one, you can move your town hall to any available location within your alliance.

How do I move my city in Rise of Kingdoms?

To move around your kingdom, one of the three main teleports will work. Random teleports will take you to any place by chance. Targeted teleports will move your town hall to any suitable location in your current kingdom.

To teleport to another realm, you will need to use beginner teleport or the required number of passport pages. These will allow your realms to change. However, you must also meet some additional conditions before doing so.

I'm moving tomorrow

Whether you want to move through a realm or switch to a new realm, the appropriate teleport items will allow you to do so. Players tend to move their town halls to be closer to their alliance members. Others want to enter an Imperium realm while they can. The possibilities are endless as long as you have the right item in hand.

How many times have you moved your town hall within a kingdom? How many passport pages do you need to migrate now? Tell us in the comments section below.

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