Samsung Galaxy S2 : comment installer Ice Cream Sandwich

Highly anticipated by Samsung Galaxy S2 owners, the Android ICS update is finally available! At least according to Samsung, which has started the deployment in a few countries, apart from Your country... On the operator side, it's not much better, some mention the end of March, others in April...

Tired of waiting for the major Android 4 update on your smartphone? We explain how to install ICS on your Galaxy S2.
This tutorial only works on Samsung Galaxy S2 (i-9100) marketed before early 2012.

A bit of courage !

As often when it comes to flashing a firmware it is best to observe the greatest caution. Even if this tutorial to install Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy S 2 is very simple, it would be a shame if your smartphone turned into a brick.

Our first piece of advice would be to wait for the official update for Your country, which will be available at the end of April at worst from French operators. You have already waited a long time for the Android 4 update for your Galaxy S 2, you are perhaps only a few weeks away!

Do you feel like an adventurer and our tips for fixing the Galaxy S USB bug as well as the guide to rooting your Galaxy S2 have done you a great favor? So here's how to upgrade to ICS.

The installation of this update is not very complicated, but it presents a risk and will void the manufacturer's warranty. We could in no way be held responsible for the consequences of the manipulation described below.

Step 1: Recover the correct files

First, you need to download and install the Samsung Kies application in version from the Samsung website. This software contains the necessary USB drivers for your Galaxy S2 to communicate with your PC.

To flash the firmware of your Galaxy S2, you will need Odin (here in version 1.85) to download here.

Now you need to get the ICS firmware, it is the latest Android version 4.0.3. Once downloaded, you must extract the ZIP file on your computer (on your desktop for example).

Step 2: Configure Odin

Open the Odin software that you downloaded earlier. A big screen with lots of options should look scary to you. Don't panic, wipe the sweat beading on your forehead, we are here to guide you.

- Check the box next to "PDA"
- Click on the button called "PDA", a window opens, find the ICS firmware that you extracted (the folder you unzipped is on the desktop if you followed our advice in step 1)
- There is only one file in this folder, it ends with .md5, select it. Odin is ready for installation.

Step 3: Put Galaxy S2 into download mode

First, you need to enable USB debugging mode from your Galaxy S2 settings. Go to Settings > Applications > Development, and check the box for "Debug mode when connected to USB".

Now let's put your Galaxy S2 into download mode. Make sure your Galaxy S2 is completely powered off.

Simultaneously press the Power ON/OFF key (on the right edge), Volume Down (right edge) and the Home key (the only key opposite the bottom of the screen).

A warning appears telling you that a custom OS can cause problems on your phone, if you want to continue installing ICS press the Volume Up key, to quit, press the Down key.
You pressed the Volume Up key, take the USB cable, connect your Galaxy S2 to your PC.

Now this is happening on the PC, Odin should recognize your smartphone and you will see one of the "ID: COM" boxes fill in yellow.

Android ICS on my Galaxy S2!

At this time, simply press Start on the Odin software (the wizard). If all the stars are well aligned and you have prayed to the Korean deities of Samsung, a progress bar appears on your Galaxy S2.

After a few seconds of waiting, the Galaxy S2 restarts, with Android 4.0.3 and as a bonus, the TouchWizz overlay in the latest version. That's it, you have it!
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