Scribd: an application for Kindle Fire, but to install yourself

Sribd, a well-known service across the Atlantic, has gone from a document platform to one of the players offering an unlimited subscription, decidedly fashionable, even for children. With over 100 ebooks from over 000 publishers, Scribd offers an unlimited subscription for $900/month.

Scribd was installed on 11 million devices at the end of 2013, with exponential growth. But today, Scribd is especially talked about for the launch of an application for Kindle Fire, important when you know that Kindle tablets are among the best-selling in the United States. 

Apparently, nothing very surprising therefore to see this reading application already present on iOs and Google Play also arriving on the Kindle Fire. But it becomes more interesting when you know that Amazon has not allowed this app in its app store.

Mandatory manual installation

The Scribd reading app cannot actually be directly downloaded from Kindle's app store. It must be said that in this area, Amazon is far from being conciliatory, and has chosen to close the door to almost everyone, to highlight its reading offer.

However, according to its founder, Scribd did everything necessary to be offered on the application store, and tried for three months to obtain authorization, in vain. Despite the obstacle posed by the fact of going to download the application separately, offering the application responds to a real demand from Scribd users.

Scribd therefore offers an alternative solution, which requires going through a few simple steps, the first being to authorize the downloading of applications from unknown sources on your Kindle Fire, before downloading an .apk file from the Silk browser of the Kindle Fire, and install it.



The app then appears like any other on the Kindle Fire. To make matters worse, Scribd actually uses the same technical possibility as that used by Amazon to install its application store on Android terminals, which is not available on Google Play.

In any case, this is something to think about for the other players who have not been accepted by Amazon either, but also Amazon, whose policy is certainly based on the sale of content and not tablets, but which deserves be redesigned. In addition, the Kindle application, often the number 1 reading application on other application stores, has demonstrated that it stands up well to comparison. When you see the success and quality of the latest tablets, at very attractive prices, this policy is Amazon's main handicap today against its competitors.

While waiting for a possible change in this area, Scribd has in any case found a solution.

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