an application to delete your photos on Facebook

Being able to permanently delete your photos from Facebook's databases, we would all dream of it. It is for this purpose that the application was created by an eponymous company. It allows you to choose with whom a photo will be shared, and how long it will remain visible, until its scheduled self-destruction. Too good to be true ?

How does it work? works very simply. Just take a photo from your smartphone, or from your library. You must then apply a filter and a duration after which it will self-destruct. You can then share it on Facebook. The deletion is done without leaving any trace on the social network, according to the creators. In short, this application would seem almost perfect.

A non-retroactive effect

To be able to access the photos you have shared, your friends will be forced to accept that the application access their Facebook data. Otherwise, it will be impossible for them to see them. 

Then, if it is true that the photos sent via are indeed erased from Facebook, it is however impossible to delete those already uploaded to the site. And that's a shame, because that's what would have been useful and interesting. Ultimately, does not provide a solution to personal data protection issues on Facebook. The photos posted will remain, until further notice, in the possession of the giant. is currently only available on the App Store.

Advice from the CNIL to protect your photos on the Internet

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