Shadow Fight 3 Cheats: 7 Best Tips and Tricks to Win Fights

Shadow Fight 3 is an RPG fighting game for Android and iOS mobile devices, both of which integrate intense sword fights and special abilities with a deep narrative.

Strategic maneuvers and intense practice are required for Shadow Fight 3 players who intend to become great warriors and win many encounters. This guide contains seven useful tips and tricks that can be used to win fights and defeat opponents in the game.

Shadow Fight 3 Tips, Tricks & Cheats:

1. Practice frequently

When it comes to mastering the game, it's important that you familiarize yourself with the available weapons, skills, and special abilities at your disposal. Before exploring the story campaign game mode, you need to sharpen your warrior skills. Different weapons have a different feel that requires you to handle them in unique ways.

Tapping on the three bars in the upper left corner of your screen allows you to enter the training where you fight against Gizmo to improve your combat skills. Here you learn different approaches to the opponent and how and when to use each weapon. Participating in a few duels will also be necessary to improve your character and, more importantly, earn better combat equipment.

2. Learn and analyze various combos

To defeat your enemies and achieve victory in duels, you will have to use different combos. These are one of the very crucial game elements that allow you to inflict a high degree of damage on your opponent. Unlocking the ability cards on an item grants you access to special moves that are built into your weapons and gear.

Every ability you equip on your gear comes with a special move. In some cases, the checks needed to learn a certain ability aren't clearly marked, so you have to experiment with training when you unlock a new ability. As you fight, look for commands for new abilities that appear on your screen from time to time.

Remember that combos not only give you an edge over your opponent in a battle, but they also bring you better rewards after winning.

3. Time Your Attacks Carefully

Timing of attacks is very important in this game. It's not that simple in practice though, especially when you're pounded by a rival combo. Normally, when you hit your enemy immediately after they complete their move, there's a good chance you'll launch your attack when their guard isn't active, earning you more hit points. Watch your opponent's moves and be ready to respond and counter their attempts.

4. Save your shadow energy

Here is another important tip to consider. Once you perform special moves and powerful attacks on your rival, your character draws shadow energy. Below your health bar is the shadow energy bar which helps you track how much energy you have accumulated.

Once the energy bar is full, you can activate Shadow Mode by pressing the D-Pad and the Shadow Energy button simultaneously. Shadow Mode lets you perform special moves and empowers your basic attacks, making them more effective. It's recommended that you don't start shadow mode until you get to round two because you'll really need it at that point.

Keep a distance when initiating Shadow Mode. This allows you to avoid your enemy's interruption which can block your shadow movement. You can do this by walking away from your rival.

5.Make unpredictable attack and defense moves

In a battle, each side tries to predict the movement of its counterpart. If you get used to spamming the same combo repeatedly at your opponent, they could easily adapt to those moves and devise a defense mechanism to counter them, reducing their effectiveness. Combine low, medium and high attacks randomly to reduce the chance of being predictable.

Mixing these attacks also helps you quickly fill your shadow energy bar.

6. Stand Still To Successfully Block

Sometimes standing still is the best option during a fight as it forces your character to block enemy attempts, avoiding damage. You might be tempted to button up in an attempt to dodge your opponent's attacks, putting you at risk of taking damage. Still play strategy lets you mitigate damage and plan your next attack

7. Swap your weapons and gear

Unlocking Map Packs and Chests rewards you with new weapons and gear with better starts. Be sure to trade your gear, weapons, and armor for those with the best stats. This boosts your character's ability to deal with attacks that intensify as you unlock new chapters. Once a new ability appears, be sure to equip it to your gear.

Shadow Fight 3 (Android / iOS) Tips and Tricks to Win Every Fight

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