Superfish / Komodia: several software affected, check and remove certificates

If you've been following the Superfish case that compelled Lenovo to disclose, you've figured out that aside from the lackluster aspect of the smuggled ads, the problem lay with the security certificates. Other software uses this technology according to security researcher Marc Rogers.

In his blog post he talks about Komodia, the name of the company that issues Superfish for the certificates in question. Other software has the same type of behavior such as parental control software and various programs normally intended to improve the security of the Internet user:

  • Komodia "Keep My Family Secure"
  • Qustodio parental control software
  • Reputation Webfilter
  • Staffcop 5.6 / 5.8
  • Easy hide IP Classic
  • Lavasoft Ad-aware Web Companion
  • Hide-my-ip
If there is no malicious will on the part of these publishers, the way of dealing with connections from Internet users can pose a problem. Marc Rogers explains that SSL is not correctly implemented by Superfish/Komodia and that the security methods used are not reliable.

How to check if we are concerned?

Many other products may be affected just because they use Komodia's solutions. A special web page has been set up to check if Superfish is installed and even indicates if other products that intercept connections are installed. Do not click any buttons during the test (10 seconds)

The image above shows a healthy system. If a YES appears in the verification page, no need to panic, it only indicates that the security certificates of your machine are concerned. One of the software mentioned above is perhaps used on your machine or has been in the past. After uninstallation, the certificate remained in place.

The method to remove the certificate is the same as described for Lenovo PCs. Delete the certificate by searching for the tool certmgr.msc through Windows. In "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" and "Certificates", find and delete "Superfish Inc." in the list.

Once the manipulation is done, restart your computer and check again on the dedicated page. Do not hesitate to ask for help in the security forum in case of difficulty.

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