Toon Blast guide: tips and tricks, get more lives

Toon Blast invites you on a colorful adventure where you will have to eliminate rainbows by solving 3 match puzzles. Although the game may seem like a fun pastime, at first glance it can become very difficult with each level conquered. You'll have to think strategically, manage your arsenal of boosters, and compete with players around the world to claim your superiority and show off your exceptional skills.

If you want to become the best of the best at solving puzzles, our list of the best Toon Blast cheats, cheats, and strategies may come in handy.

Toon Blast cheats, cheats, more lives:

1. Value each booster.

Boosters are things that are not easy. You can only acquire them once in a while when you unlock them, get a Toon Chest or Star Chest. That's why wasting them all in one game doesn't seem like a wise move at all.

You better use them only when necessary. Avoid activating boosters in low score games. Instead, restart the level and apply a booster when you are almost at the finish line and need the last incentive to clear the board.

Here are some boosters and what they do:

2. Create combos.

Although the main task of the game is to match 3 blocks, you can go further with 4 blocks and more triggering combos that will give you valuable advantages. If you choose this strategy, you should start by analyzing the board first and spotting groups of blocks that are potentially capable of ending up in generous matches.

So instead of creating random 3 block combinations, you better look for bigger matches that will reward you with cool gifts. For example, each match consisting of 4 or more blocks will bring a special block to the board that hides a bonus, such as a disco ball or a rocket.

3. Collect bonuses.

Powerups are special features capable of bringing incredible changes to the board that will help you complete the level much faster. You can acquire a bonus by combining more than 3 blocks of the same color.

If you do, the features you'll activate include a rocket that clears an entire row or column, a bomb that clears a nearby 3×3 area, and a disco ball that's offered for a 9-piece combo. and clears all blocks from the board that share the same color.

4. Join a team.

Once you pass the level 20 threshold, you are allowed to join or create a party. Although both options seem equally tempting, you should know that creating your own team costs a lot of coins and can make you wait a lot until new members join. So it is better for you to join a team that already exists.

Being part of a team gives you the chance to receive extra lives from your teammates, but also to give lives yourself. You can also compete against players from all over the world, increasing your team's rank and reputation.

When you have a squad, you can talk with each other and request extra lives. Giving life to other teammates won't cost you anything, but you'll get a free coin in return.

5. Get more lives by simply changing your device's clock settings.

How to get more lives in Toon Blast?

If you've run out of lives and still haven't joined a squad, the only way out is to wait a few hours for life to regenerate. If that sounds too boring to you, you can try tricking the game into believing that time is going faster. All you have to do is go to your device settings and advance the time.

When you return to the game, you will notice that life has been fully regenerated. You can use this cheat as many times as you want, but remember to set the correct time when you are done playing.

Also check out the section above to get your teammates lives!

6. Delete from below.

Clearing from below gives you more new blocks on the board and new possible combinations than clearing lines from the top. As you clear the bottom rows, there will be more blocks above them changing their location, hence a higher chance of acquiring new matches. When you erase a line from the top, the board will not undergo significant changes and the blocks below the line will keep their old position.

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