Unison League guide: How to get more gems - tips and tricks

Unison League is a popular role-playing game featuring brave heroes and magical creatures. If you're interested in playing a new fantasy RPG, keep reading for a guide to playing Unison League that's full of helpful tips and cheats for more gems.

Participate in guild battles to earn free gems.

As soon as you start playing Unison League, it's a good idea to join a powerful guild. By being part of a guild, you will be able to earn free gems by participating in multiplayer guild battles. Even when you're a low level player if your guild mates are strong, you can always earn valuable gems.

Make sure you are part of an active guild.

If your guild members frequently start guild battles and embark on adventures together, you will earn many valuable rewards. However, if you join a guild that has inactive members who are not interested in guild activities, it is worth leaving and trying your luck with any guild.

Start completing master quests.

The best quests to complete are undoubtedly master quests as they offer gems which are the most valuable commodity in Unison League.

Use your gems to increase your inventory and storage space.

It's worth saving some of your gems to increase your inventory as well as your storage space. Like trying to progress through the game without upgrading your inventory and storage, you'll quickly run out of space to store essential items.

Invite your friends to play Unison League.

Another The way to earn free gems to speed up your Unison League journey is to invite your friends to play Unison League. As more friends accept your offer to play Unison League, the more free gems you will receive.

Never forget to collect your daily bonuses.

You can also earn gems by collecting your daily bonuses. As good as earning free gems you will also earn valuable items and free coins.

Participate in limited time events.

On a regular basis, you will be able to participate in limited-time events that offer rare and lucrative prizes as well as gems.

Accept easy quests to earn gear points.

If you're excited to pick up a rare piece of gear, you may not be able to equip it until you accumulate enough gear points. In order to earn gear points, complete simple and easy to beat quests that will provide you with gear points to equip rare items such as weapons.

Sacrifice unwanted pieces of gear to power up new pieces of gear.

It's a good idea to sacrifice low-level pieces of gear that you won't be using to level up and power up new pieces of gear. While your old gear will disappear, your new gear will level up and increase its stats. It's also a great idea to sacrifice old gear because your inventory and storage locker have limited space and you can't keep all the items you buy.

Learn how to reforge items.

You also have the option to learn how to reforge items instead of augmenting them. When you reforge items, your stats increase significantly. However, be aware that there is a downside to reforging items which you will need to collect rare materials to reforge your items.

Don't neglect your under-gear.

While it's natural to pay more attention to your primary gear, your under-gear also has a positive effect on your stats. So always make sure you have under gear for your hero. Just keep in mind that it is possible to run out of under-equipment slots and you may need to purchase additional slots in the future.

Remember that you can change your character class as often as you want.

When you start playing Unison League, one of your first takes will be to select a character class. However, if you don't like the first character class you select, you can try a different character class at your leisure.

So, if you don't want to make any rookie mistakes when you start playing Vision League, it's worth remembering all the proven tips and tricks that are listed above.

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