Vacation: 6 apps to install in your car before hitting the road

Update 01/25/2022: we have updated our guide with new apps to make your travels easier.

As you know, if you don't have a hands-free kit, you can't use your phone to communicate in the car: both hands must remain free to control the vehicle properly. However, with a good suction cup smartphone holder or an accessory that hangs from the air vents, your little technological gem will become an ally you can't do without. You'll always keep both eyes on the road, but with these apps you'll find your way more easily, avoid traffic jams, drive responsibly and even save money.

We present 6 must-haves to download if you're heading out on a long road trip soon, which you might even reuse on a daily basis afterwards.

Waze, the must-have GPS, collaborative and 100% free

Waze: GPS, maps and traffic is a community GPS application that shows you your route, reports accidents and traffic on the road, based on directions provided by other drivers and users of the application.

Is it still relevant to introduce Waze? Almost everyone uses this free collaborative management tool. Thanks to GPS and mobile data, you can determine the best route to get from one point to another, but also avoid traffic jams and accidents.

Unlike a traditional GPS that tells you the time of arrival according to the number of kilometers to travel and the authorized speed, Waze takes into account the ups and downs of traffic, allowing you to communicate more accurate estimates.

Very agile, the application can even recalculate your route and offer you alternatives if unforeseen events occur along the way.

Geco, to adapt your driving to atmospheric pollution

Geco aire: mobility and air quality is an application that allows you to monitor the environmental impact of your trips and gives you tips and information to improve.

    With global warming and issues related to the greenhouse effect, the media are increasingly communicating the limitation of car travel, essential in times of pollution peaks.

    With Geco, you can estimate the emissions on each round trip and know which options to choose to reduce your carbon footprint. Even better, it helps you use less gas and therefore save money.

    Finally, the program also allows you to have, in real time, accurate data on air quality in the region where you are.

    Gas&CO: refueling at a lower cost

    Essence and CO Essence&CO is a free mobile app for Android and iOS, very useful in this period of generalized rise in energy and fuel prices, which allows you to find the cheapest gas station.

    • Release date: 19/11/2022
    • Auteur: Pierre AUCLAIR
    • License: Free license
    • Categories: Shopping
    • Operating system : Android-iOS iPhone/iPad

    Regularly making headlines, the price of fuel remains a major concern for consumers, especially during periods of major departures. The Essence&CO app works in conjunction with a database updated several times a day, giving you live prices at stations near you.

    If you plan to travel abroad, the program also works in Spain, Italy, Germany and Morocco. It is also in constant development, as it now includes a comparison of the costs charged at car washes.

    Chargemap, for electric vehicles

    Chargemap is a free mobile application that allows drivers of rechargeable electric cars to quickly find the nearest electric charging station.

    • Release date: 03/01/2022
    • Auteur: Chargemap
    • License: Free license
    • Categories: Travel
    • Operating system : Android-iOS iPhone/iPad.

    Ford Mustang Mach-E, Volkswagen ID.4, Jaguar i-Pace... there are more and more electric cars that allow you to hit the road with more than 400 km of autonomy. After which, it will be necessary to stop to refuel. We advise you to use the Chargemap application, which allows you to generate routes adapted to your vehicle. You will then be able to know the total distance to be covered, the estimated duration of the trip as well as the refueling time.

    The stop locations are detailed, in particular, the type of plug available, as well as the power in kW. The application also includes an option to use its own payment card, the Chargemap Pass. The latter works on most European terminals such as Allego, Corri-door, Ionity or Newmotion. This service is free and non-binding, but note that a "reasonable fee" is charged on each recharge.

    Regarding Tesla vehicles, it is in your best interest to favor Supercharger terminals and follow the route proposed by the on-board computer. However, please note that it is also possible to recharge cars of U.S. brands at other terminals if necessary.

    E-constat, the app for insurers to declare an accident easily

    e-constat auto is the official application of the Insurance Federation of Your Country that allows you to make a dematerialized accident report. It takes up all the sections of its little paper brother.

    • Release date: 11/01/2022
    • Auteur: Alquitrán
    • License: Free license
    • Categories: Pleasure travel
    • Operating system : Android-iOS iPhone/iPad

    Of course, we don't want you to have to use this app one day. But if you experience even one collision, you will appreciate being able to use it so that the administrative formalities are reduced.

    E-constat auto is based directly on the European auto report model: your personal information is preloaded, you have help filling in the other fields of the form, you can take photos, geolocate the exact location of the accident, and get help with the sketch.

    Once the declaration is completed, you can easily send it to your insurance company and you will receive it by e-mail in PDF format. Tout est entièrement sécurisé, et l'application peut aussi bien servir pour un accident avec deux ou un seul véhicule(s) en cause, à condition que les dégâts soient uniquement matériels, que les immatriculations soient Votre payses et que les assureurs soient référencés dans le programme.

    Driving mode: zero distractions!

    Whether you use an Android or Apple smartphone, you can install a "Driving Mode" that will save you from any temptation during the trip. Android phones do not offer this functionality natively, but you can overcome this lack by downloading the "Driving Mode" application available on Google Store.

    It can be activated manually or automatically and, once installed, keeps you away from all call and text message notifications, with the option to send an automatic reply to let your contacts know you're on the road.

    • Driving Mode on Google Play

    If you're on Apple, all you have to do is enable "Do not disturb while driving" mode: go to settings, go to the control center, and go to the "customize controls" section. You can embed this feature directly in Control Center, so you can easily enable it with just a few taps.

    With this mode, your iPhone remains in "black screen" and silent. Your loved ones get automatic responses if they try to communicate with you. However, certain important alerts can be issued, and your contact can inform you by adding "urgent" to your message: you will receive a notification and can stop to establish contact if necessary.

    All these applications, with their different functions, have the advantage of being complementary: if you want to be ready to go on a vacation trip, the ideal is to download them all. But you can also choose the ones you find most suitable according to your vision of driving and your needs, knowing that there are also close alternatives to Waze (such as Coyote, which has a cost) and Essence&CO (Waze also allows you to have the prices of nearby stations, for example).

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