What does "other viewers" mean for Facebook Stories?

People sharing video and photo collections as stories is a popular social media feature. The stories are entertaining, engaging and create intimacy with friends, family and customers. Every time you post a story on Facebook, it's announced for everyone to see at the top of your News Feed; entice your visitors to take a quick look.

If you see the message "Other people have seen this story" and want to know what it means, we explain its meaning in this article, so read on. Additionally, our FAQ section includes some helpful tips for controlling who can see your Facebook Stories.

Who are the other viewers?

"Other viewers" are people who have viewed your Facebook story but are not your Facebook friends. So anyone other than your friends will be counted as "other viewers". These people can be your followers or anyone on Facebook and Messenger.

By default, your story's privacy settings are set to "Friends only". When the setting has been changed to "Public", anyone can see it.

Can I see View their profiles or see their names?

Facebook has decided to keep the identity of other viewers of your Facebook Stories confidential. Therefore, you will only know how many "others" there were and whether it would be a combination of Facebook and Messenger users or your followers.

Additional FAQ

How do I change the privacy of my Facebook stories?

Anything added to your Facebook Stories will show up on Facebook and Messenger and be shared with the same audience for both apps. If you prefer no one and everyone to see your Facebook Stories, you can manage who sees your Facebook Stories under “Privacy Settings”

Can you see how many times someone views your Facebook story?

No, you can't tell if someone has seen your Facebook story multiple times or only seen it once. However, you can see the number of times your story has been viewed.

Which other people have seen your stories on Facebook

In Facebook stories, you can create and share your own short, entertaining, video and photo collections to display. These stories, however, are fleeting and eventually disappear after 24 hours.

Since the platform assumes you want all of your Stories to be visible to people you know, the default privacy setting for Stories is only "Friends". However, you can open your stories to the world when you set the privacy options to "Public". In the latter case, viewers who are not your Facebook friends will be counted as “Other Viewers” ​​or “Other People”.

To protect everyone's privacy, Facebook does not reveal "other" identities. If you'd rather see everyone who watches your stories, you can change the setting back to "Friends."

How often do you post stories on Facebook? Do you remember a time when you had a high number of views? Let us know what you think of Facebook Stories in general in the comments section.

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