Windows 10 1809 is here: should you install the October 2022 Update and how?

Microsoft has started to release the latest major version of Windows 10: the October 2022 feature update "October 2022 Update", in other words Windows 10 1809. As with the previous version, the release is gradual, i.e. that not all PCs will receive the update today. It is possible to force the installation, but is it really desirable, and how to do it?

The publisher surprised everyone despite this date of October 2 which had appeared on the radars of observers a few days ago. This is indeed the first time that the last test process, the Release Preview channel, is not used before the final version is made available to the general public and through Windows Update. However, the spread will remain gradual.

Even if it is still Windows 10, the version number changes from 1803 (April update) to 1809. Microsoft has indeed decided to evolve its system in this way rather than offering a Windows 11 or 12. The changes are there, however. Many new features are on the program such as a new application allowing you to read and send SMS or photos from your smartphone from a PC, an improved clipboard, a dark theme for the explorer and many other changes.

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Install immediately: is it really reasonable?

As with any system change on PC, and despite the presence of the Insider test program during which millions of testers have evaluated the new Windows 10, it is very likely that bugs will also be present when installing Windows 10. the update. To limit the problem Microsoft should first release Windows 1809 XNUMX to newer PCs that have been tested with OEM partners (manufacturers). On the user's side, some preventive measures can be taken.

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Subsequently, and depending on user feedback, the October 2022 update will gradually be extended to other machines. The bugs found will thus be corrected over time and it is very likely that Windows 10 1809 will be more stable in a few weeks or months. If you are not in a hurry to install this major update, there is no need to start the installation immediately.

Force upgrade with upgrade wizard

If you are eager to install the update to use the new features, however, it is possible to force its installation. First of all, check in Windows Update via the settings and the "Update and security" section if it is available for download. Even if this is not the case, this is an opportunity to install other patches that Microsoft has released simultaneously, like every second Tuesday of the month.

Unless you have a recent PC Windows 10 1809 will not be immediately offered in Windows Update. Microsoft has made a tool available to trigger its installation immediately. To do this, simply download the upgrade wizard tool and run it. The software is responsible for checking the compatibility of the PC and recovering the update.

Thereafter the PC will have to restart, the installation can take several minutes even more according to the power of your computer. At the end of the process a welcome message is displayed on the desktop in the Edge browser.

What to do in case of trouble ?

Potential post-installation issues will mainly relate to incompatibilities with hardware drivers or third-party software. But it can also be a malfunction with a feature of Windows 10. For the most serious cases an option in the "Recovery" section of the "Update and security" section of the settings allows you to downgrade to the previous version of the system.

When it is just a minor malfunction, the problem can be solved by reinstalling a driver or with other repair or cleaning manipulations. In this case, do not hesitate to seek advice from the community by exposing your problem in the Windows 10 forum.

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