Windows 10 1909: the November 2022 update is here, here's how to install it

Patch Tuesday is the name used to refer to the day Windows updates arrive every second Tuesday of the month. This month Microsoft is taking the opportunity to also offer a new version of its system: Windows 10 1909.

It's not a major release like we're used to seeing twice a year. Even if the number changes from 1903 to 1909, this is a quality update that will have less impact on users than the previous ones. Several reasons can explain this exception, starting with the delay created by the mess when the fall version was released last year. It is also possible that Microsoft is trying to align its schedule with that of the Azure development cycle or to prepare for the arrival of Windows 10X.

Even if it is a quality update more than a new version, the installation will not be automatic from the beginning. Users will now see monthly updates to their system automatically installed. If they also want to take advantage of Windows 10 1909, they will have to manually get updates in Windows 10 settings, under Updates and Security.

Here they will be offered to install Windows 10 1909 as an optional update. Microsoft explains on its blog that it is possible to schedule the reboot for the installation by choosing a time more conducive to a slightly longer reboot than for monthly updates.

After installation no major upheaval will be visible from the start. Only a few optimizations will be visible in the interface, particularly in terms of managing notifications or creating events to place in the calendar, which can now be done without leaving the office. In the start menu we also notice that the elements are deployed on mouseover.

The publisher does not indicate if or when this update will be released automatically. Several stable versions of Windows 10 currently co-exist: the 1809 Fall 2022 build, the 1903 Earlier Year build, and now the 1909 build. Only those running the 1803 Spring 2022 build, which is no longer supported since this month, will be offered to automatically switch to the most recent version.

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